Implement nine Gongge layouts in pure code mode

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Functional Analysis:

1> Display application information in nine Gongge form

2> Click the Download button and then make the appropriate action


1> Find out the law of nine layout, set X and Y for each control

-Y value: determined by line number; Rounding operations (the number of columns for the control index/nine grid layout)

-X Value: determined by column number; Modulo operations (control index% of Gongge layout columns)

2> Each control contains several child controls, consider wrapping with view for easy calculation

3> extract important data from the nine layout for easy layout modification

Code implementation:

1 #import "ViewController.h"2 3 @interfaceViewcontroller ()4 5 /** For storing app information*/6@property (nonatomic, strong) Nsarray *apps;7 8 @end9 Ten @implementationViewcontroller One  A //Lazy Loading --(Nsarray *) Apps - { the     if(!_apps) { -         //getting data from the Plist file -NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainbundle] Pathforresource:@"app.plist"Oftype:nil]; -_apps =[Nsarray Arraywithcontentsoffile:path]; +     } -     return_apps; + } A  at- (void) Viewdidload { - [Super Viewdidload]; -      -   -     //1. Number of columns for layout nine Gongge -Nsinteger Colsnum =3; in      -     //2. Size of each app toCGFloat APPW = the; +CGFloat APPH = -; -      the     //3. Set the spacing between each column = (width of Controller view-Number of columns * app width)/number of gaps *CGFloat Colsmargin = (Self.view.frame.size.width-colsnum * appw)/(Colsnum +1); $     //set the spacing between each linePanax NotoginsengCGFloat Rowsmargin = -; -      the     //4. Create according to the number of applications +      for(intindex =0; Index < Self.apps.count; index++) { A         //4.1 Creating an app theUIView *appview =[[UIView alloc] init]; +  -         //4.2 Calculating the location of the app $         //4.2.1 Calculating line numbers and column numbers $         introw = index/Colsnum; -         intCol = index%Colsnum; -          the         //4.2.2 Calculate x and Y (Note: Do not block by the height of the status bar on the top of the phone (20) ) -CGFloat AppX = colsmargin + col * (APPW +colsmargin);WuyiCGFloat appy = rowsmargin + row * (APPH +rowsmargin); the          -         //4.2.3 Set the app's frame WuAppview.frame =CGRectMake (AppX, Appy, APPW, APPH); -          About         //4.3 Adding a view to the controller $ [Self.view Addsubview:appview]; -          -         //4.4 Setting up the app's internal controls -         //4.4.1 Application information for index position ANsdictionary *appinfo =Self.apps[index]; +          the         //4.4.2 Add icon -Uiimageview *iconview =[[Uiimageview alloc] init]; $          the         //4.4.3 setting icon position theCGFloat iconw = $; theCGFloat Iconh = $; theCGFloat IconX = (appw-iconw) *0.5; -CGFloat icony =0; inIconview.frame =CGRectMake (IconX, Icony, Iconw, iconh); the          the         //4.4.4 setting up pictures AboutIconview.image = [UIImage imagenamed:appinfo[@"icon"]]; the [Appview Addsubview:iconview]; the          the         //4.4.5 Adding text +UILabel *namelabel =[[UILabel alloc] init]; -          the         //4.4.6 Setting Text positionBayiCGFloat Namew =APPW; theCGFloat Nameh = -; theCGFloat NameX =0; -CGFloat Namey = Icony +Iconh; -Namelabel.frame =CGRectMake (NameX, Namey, Namew, Nameh); the          the         //4.4.7 Setting Text theNamelabel.text = appinfo[@"name"]; theNamelabel.font = [Uifont systemfontofsize: -]; -Namelabel.textalignment =Nstextalignmentcenter; the [Appview Addsubview:namelabel]; the          the         //4.4.8 Add button94UIButton *downloadbtn =[[UIButton alloc] init]; the          the         //4.4.9 Setting the button position theCGFloat DOWNLOADX = A;98CGFloat Downloady = Namey +Nameh; AboutCGFloat DOWNLOADW = APPW-2*DOWNLOADX; -CGFloat downloadh = -;101Downloadbtn.frame =CGRectMake (DOWNLOADX, Downloady, DOWNLOADW, downloadh);102         103         //4.4.10 Settings button104[Downloadbtn setbackgroundimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@"Buttongreen"] forstate:uicontrolstatenormal]; the[Downloadbtn setbackgroundimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@"buttongreen_highlighted"] forstate:uicontrolstatehighlighted];106[Downloadbtn Settitle:@"Download"Forstate:uicontrolstatenormal];107DownloadBtn.titleLabel.font = [Uifont systemfontofsize: -];108 [downloadbtn addtarget:self Action: @selector (Downloadclick) forcontrolevents:uicontroleventtouchupinside];109 [Appview addsubview:downloadbtn]; the     }111      the }113  the- (void) Downloadclick the { theNSLog (@"%s", __func__);117 }118 @end

Implement nine Gongge layouts in pure code mode

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