Implementation of SAP travel Reimbursement Integration Scheme

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Multinational groups usually have a centralized business unit for financial Sharing Center SSC, which is used to count travel claims from various companies, and 1). Traditional OA Approval Although the approval flow is the advantage of the need for SAP data two times input, data, such as difficulty, 2). If the end user uses SAP for reimbursement, SAP license fees will increase, and SAP workflow Two development costs are too high, the development is difficult, not conducive to cost control; hereby implement this travel & expense integrated system, which improves reimbursement efficiency and lowers implementation costs

The project proceeds are as follows:

1) Automatic approval process base onauthorization matrix leading to greater efficiency (better governance).

The automated approval process based on intra-company domain account integration allows for better internal control and separation of responsibilities.

2) highly standardized process that canbe rolled out to each of the China plant quickly (standardization of processes).

Highly standardized processes that can be quickly deployed to sub-factories in China (process standardization)

3) Every person can apply the t&e themselves base on the "BS" setting, no matter whether they has "Lotus" user code Or not.

The Web-based architecture makes it easy for everyone to access without needing a specific account.

4) separate description per Invoiceinstead of one description per T&e transaction, stronger internal Controland acc Urate description in SAP.

Each invoice line item, compared to financial accounting directly in the SAP account, the account should be more accurate.

5) Automatic linkage with Travellingsystem, no approved travelling application, no reimbursement; Calculate thetravelling allowance automatically

Travel reimbursement can automatically obtain the travel requisition system, no travel can not be filled with reimbursement. More precise control of employee travel allowances.

6) Update of cost center and Relatedaccount automatically.

Get the latest cost centers and other related master data from SAP automatically.

7) Create t&e report Automatically;team leader can review all the T&e list which under his/her Responsibilityvi A This system.

Heads of departments can easily download the analysis reports that are required within the system's purview from the t&e system.

System Front-End interface

Claim type description

System approval log (more detailed and rapid deployment than SAP workflow)

System backend settings, through the Connect-plus EDI data integration, data carrier for the. csv format, which automatically pushes the SAP background job to automatically push the master data to the specified configuration directory of OA each day, and the T&e data format by matching the EDI structure FIDCC1 , you can monitor the write status of EDI files by BD87, and then encode the accounting vouchers generated by SAP back to the OA travel system.

The advantage of this scenario compared to using BAPI or RFC is that loosely coupled structures, if the group has multiple SAP server instances, and debugging convenience due to the invisible RFC table-to-table write technology.

Technical teams need the following skills:

1). Java Front-end design

2). Connect Plus EDI Interface middleware Matching

3). SAP FICO Skills

4). ABAP Code for data download

5). SQL 2012 database table Design

6). SFTP Data transfer Technology

7). Workflow Engine Design Technology


Implementation of SAP travel Reimbursement Integration Scheme

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