Implementation of multi-machine balanced load based on DNS in Linux

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The first two days added a server to a customer. Jointly undertake the operation of a forum. But. To achieve load balancing. It's a difficult thing.

I've tried a couple of ways before,

One, the DNS rotation. Advantages: Simple implementation. Disadvantage: Unable to detect the load on each server. It is difficult to control the visitor's access address (the general DNS server has caching, so.) Effect is not obvious)

Second, the foreground procedure. A service program similar to Zeus Load balancer was used. Receive an access request at the foreground. And then streaming to each of the actual servers.

But the above two methods are not very suitable for my situation.

The first kind. Unable to properly allocate visitor traffic ... There is a large load of a server that often occurs. And the other one is very low ...

The second kind. will consume more traffic. Resources are also taking up large.

Best. I have also adopted a DNS balanced load method---lbname.

Its main effect is introduced:

A Perl-based DNS server. Application is simple.

Second, automatically detect the load of each server. DNS resolution is then prioritized by result.

Third, the DNS resolution takes effect immediately. Will not be cached by the DNS server.

Four, the installation method is simple ...

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