Implementation of the Thunderbolt 7 official version of the full high-speed download

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The content on the web is getting bigger and larger, and how to download these resources to the local at the fastest speed is our first problem to solve. The official version of the Thunderbolt 7 release, its built-in four-heavy channel for our download acceleration, and intelligent acceleration information to display, let us for intelligent acceleration situation at a glance, panoramic view! In fact, the Thunderbolt 7 has become our download standard, because it has intelligent download technology, able to use the least time, The fastest speed to get the resources we want. And this official version of the release, more can let us achieve full high-speed download!

First, understand the Thunderbolt 7 of the Four acceleration channel

The new Thunderbolt 7 high-speed download engine by the Thunder Peer-to-peer accelerated channel, mirror server channel, high-speed channel and offline channel composed of four heavy channel high-speed download, download speed is very fast (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Thunder 74 heavy channel High speed download

Second, the use of Peer-to-peer accelerated channel and mirror server channel

To use the Peer-to-peer acceleration Channel and the mirrored server channel, be sure to note 2 settings: We in the Thunder 7 click tools → configuration command, click the Download Acceleration tab, and then in the right window, select the "Turn on mirror server acceleration" and "Open Thunder peer-to-peer Acceleration" check box (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Using Peer-to-peer and mirrored server channels

Small Tips

In general, Peer-to-peer channels do not require interaction to be used directly. But the higher the membership level, the more the available Peer-to-peer channels are, and the better the acceleration.

Third, the use of high-speed channels

When we download the resource, we can see the "Start High Speed Channel" button (Figure 3), click to see the corresponding prompt window, click the "Enter Channel" button to activate this high-speed channel.

Figure 3 using high-speed channel acceleration

Four, use the off-line channel

In Figure 3 There is also a "Start offline download" button, in fact this is the Thunder 7 offline channel, click to see the window shown in Figure 4, click the "Direct open" button to activate this channel, use it to speed up the download.

Figure 4 using Offline channel acceleration

Small Tips

To use high-speed and offline channels to speed up, we must be the Thunder member: The following two ways to help everyone to upgrade to the Member: 1. If there is a Thunder account: Open the browser (using IE or IE kernel browser), and then open paycenter/index/?cachetime=1247813387078. After that, enter Reyou's account number and password, and follow the wizard to upgrade to a member. Member Open payment channel a lot, and very safe, buy more Member services, there can be more concessions; 2. If there is no Reyou account number, you can open to register Reyou, Then you can use the method to upgrade to a member.

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