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This part of the code is obtained from other materials on the Internet, and I modified and improved it. I used the clumsy method replace (hey, I have not mastered the regular expression) to implement the UBB code, I have always felt that this method is not stupid, so I am sorry to post it. Some netizens have used it today and want to make it valuable to beginners. So I will publish all the source code for reference. Because of the time relationship, without any annotations, I will gradually improve it.
The ubb code implementation function of this section
[B] [/B] bold, replaced with html tag <B> </B>
[I] [/I] italic, replaced with html markup <I> </I>
[U] [/U] is underlined and replaced with html markup <u> </u>
[Br] line feed, with html tags <br>
[COLOR] [/COLOR] text color. Replace it with the html tag <font COLOR = xxx> </font>.
Usage: [COLOR = xxx] Text [/COLOR].
[MYCODE] [/MYCODE] retains the source code input format and replaces it with the html tag <pre> </pre>. The text will be completely retained and will not be replaced by UBB.
[URL] [/URL] Hyper-connection, with the html tag <a> </a>.
Usage: [URL = connection address] text displayed [/URL] (long format) or [URL] connection address [/URL] (short format ), do not quote the two ends of "connection.
[EMAIL] [/EMAIL] email address. Replace it with the html tag <a href = mailto: xxx> </a>.
Usage: [EMAIL = EMAIL address] name [/EMAIL] (long format) or [EMAIL] EMAIL address [/EMAIL] (short format ). The "address" must be in valid email format.
[IMAGE] [/IMAGE] IMAGE, with the html tag .
Usage: [IMAGE] IMAGE address [/IMAGE]. The "address" must be the complete path of the image.
[SOUND] [/SOUND] Multimedia sound. You can put the url of the song behind the SOUND.
Usage: [SOUND = Song address] song name [/SOUND].
[FLASH] [/FLASH] FLASH. You can put the FLASH url after flash.
Usage: [FLASH = flash address] FLASH name [/FLASH].
The code is as follows:
You only need to call icode2html () to implement the UBB text.
Yourtext = "..." 'your text contains the UBB mark
The following two parameters of icode2html (yourtext,) 'indicate whether to disable image, sound, and flash.
Function icode2Html (str, unimage, unsound)
If not str <> "then exit function ', if it is an empty string
Str = HTMLEncode (str) 'encode the text in HTML first
Str = replace (str, chr (13) + chr (10), "<br>") 'replace the text carriage return linefeed with the line feed of HTML
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