[Import] attitude, details, and habits determine success or failure

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Over the past 8-9 years, developers, design, management, customer communication, and the market have all been done. I think there are always many gaps in development, design, management, and customer communication.

The second development phase of the most recent project ends and is organizedCodeReview and think back to many things. Attitude, details, and habits are becoming more and more profound.

Attitude determines success or failure. Since Milu, it has been highly recognized by the Chinese. A person's attitude determines a lot of things. In the army, your attitude determines whether you are a company commander or a teacher. Which of the following leaders is willing to promote a soldier who is unwilling to work with peace of mind. In the company, which manager is willing to give a chance to someone who doesn't want to do well in the company. Attitude represents opportunity, effort, and recognition. Bad Attitude, hitting the wall everywhere.

When I first graduated from college, my work was diligent, that is, sometimes I had to make some inexplicable complaints. After a long period of time, my mood came up. I was accidentally or intentionally heard by the leaders. Fortunately, when I met a good lead, I had the opportunity to solve something I thought was not good, otherwise, I may fall down without charge. A conversation with a leader understands a lot of truth, or actively solves what you think can be done better. Otherwise, let alone.

Attitude is opportunity.

Details determine success or failure. Details are the most important part of your work and the latest things you do. For development, it is the line of code you write; for speaking, it is the sentence you say; for design, it is a class method; for management, it is a decision for a certain minute. Details are the basis for our success or failure. The details are not good, and the overall performance is good. We don't know where the crash will happen.

Those who do things are informal. This means that you do not stick to the section of the major event, but of course you must stick to the section of the major event. Otherwise, what will happen to the major event. The section is the basis of a major event. If you do not scan a house, you can scan the world.

Details are the basis.

Habits: To ensure details, you must have good habits. habits are the key to doing well at once. A piece of code, which you wrote in an hour, takes 8 hours to debug and troubleshoot. One person calls it out in two hours and one hour to troubleshoot the error; you can see it at a glance.

Habits are native motivation.

Attitude, details, and habits determine everything.

But we need to understand what we do, what we do, what is the details, and what is a good habit.

Management, design, development, and testing

For management, design, development, and testing, it is not that easy for everyone to set their own positions, find the details they should pay attention to, and develop good habits.

How do you locate yourself?

Attitudes can be changed, details can be noticed, and habits can be cultivated

Are you ready?




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