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Importing someone else's project error is the environment is inconsistent, nothing is the Tomcat version, the JDK version is not the same, and if there is a problem with the servlet error is also about Tomcat reasons, Because the implementation of the servlet is issued by various server vendors (to find the source of the Servlet implementation class to introduce Tomcat source code).

Next, import the project:

1. Before importing the project, make sure that the workspace encoding is set to Utf-8:window->preferences->general->wrokspace->text file Encoding->other Select UTF-8.

The premise of their work space coding is also for utf-8, if not, you can modify the Eclipse.ini configuration file, at the bottom with a sentence-dfile.encoding=utf-8 can, so that all the space eclipse is utf-8;

2. After the import, it may be that the JRE in your development environment and the Tomcat library name may be inconsistent with the source code, there may be a Build Path error, the workaround is as follows: Right-click Project->build path->configure Build path-> Select Libraries tab page, remove the library-> with the small red Fork Click Add library-> Select JRE System Library (delete tomcat Library, select Server Runtime), and select a JRE after->finish.

if the internal file does not have an error, but the location of the project name has a small red fork, then proceed to the following third step:

3. Enter the. Settings directory under the project package, locate the Org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.xml file, and open it with Notepad before discovering that there is a problem with this sentence: <runtime name= " Apache Tomcat v6.0 "/>. The tomcat that I set up in Eclipse is version 7.0, and it's running in the 6.0 version of Tomcat, and there's definitely a problem. Then delete this sentence and save it. Restart Eclipse to resolve

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Import Project Error

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