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In this phase, the project started in and lasted for one and a half months. Participants: one instructor and six undergraduates, with an average investment of more than 8 hours per day, A maximum of 24 consecutive hours.

In fact, the above data is superficial, and there are not many practical jobs. Some jobs are to be changed first, but they are not completely changed. In the end, all the work should be removed and re-written. There is also a lack of enthusiasm. In fact, some problems can be solved by yourself, but they are usually pointed out by the strong brother. This is like a strong brother forces us to work, and we are also disgusted, more motivated. In the last half month, the entire team was filled with a very negative atmosphere-long-lived and long-lived.

After analyzing the cause, the biggest problem is that the communication is poor. The team members do not know the project plan, and they feel that they have never finished their work and have no sense of purpose.

The second reason is that my work habits are not good. I stay up late every day. It's just four or five minutes.

The third reason is the long-standing sense of attention, especially in the final examination stage. In the face of the pressure on exams, curriculum design, and projects, the team members are very tired, after the test, everyone expects that the relaxed mood will not be satisfied, so the work attitude is not positive.

The fourth reason is the project. Due to poor preliminary design and large changes in requirements in the later stage, the workload increased significantly.

Of course, many things have been learned through this project.

First of all, in terms of communication with people, through this one and a half months of intensive work, we have integrated into 3.0 and 3.5 members, talked with them many times, and have a deep understanding of their hearts.

Second, after a relatively large software modification and testing work, I deeply realized the hard work of software testing.


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