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Tomorrow's sixth day is about to be launched. When we were a child, once the country had a major event, we naturally did not know what it was, and long enough to see the world, we found that many of the great events of the motherland appeared to be just a small case in developed countries, but in China, so I did not agree or even have some microwords about the major events of many countries. After a few storms, I really understood what patriotism is, no matter how bad this country is, how irrational it is, he is my motherland, and I need to use my abilities and actions to grow together in my motherland. I should cheer for every step of his progress, no matter how small and ridiculous this progress is with other countries. It is true that the irrational distribution system, imperfect protection system, vicious bureaucracy, and the contempt for idle and crude suppression of talents by most departments are objective, in addition, it restricts the progress of the motherland to a large extent. But is this the reason why some people go to the United States and scold China every day? No, it's just an excuse! The true patriot will treat the motherland like a lover and never give up, be as tolerant as friends and family, stay away from each other, and do not remember to pay for the dedication of children.
Although the prospect of China's vast sea is still a variable, we will love our motherland, cherish what we are, and overcome all kinds of unfavorable factors! We sincerely hope that we can continue to see the strength of our motherland in our lifetime!
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