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Improvements to mobile platform technologies enable them to run complex applicationsProgramThanks for increasing popularity. Recent YearsThese platforms, the development of the web design industry, and cross-platform websites are moving towards the mobile market,The problem that web designers and web developers encounter today is that they do not know what platform to use to develop programs. Can the developed programs run on iOS, Android, and other devices? How is the running effect, obviously, selecting the most representative mobile design and creation tools, frameworks and jquery plug-ins makes their work easier. Today, I will share with you 20 mature frameworks in the mobile development field around the world.

Mobile HTML5


Moobile is a new mobile application framework built on mootools.

Opera mobile emulator

After the mobile phone simulator is installed, the development of mobile phones and tablets becomes easier.


Install iwebinspector in Safari, chrome or firebug on your desktop for debugging. iwebinspector is a free tool for debugging Web applications running on the iPhone simulator (iPhone or iPad, analysis and check.You can check resources, see or change HTML, CSS, JavaScriptCodeUsing breakpoints, creating charts and more is just if you are on the desktop



IUI is a box containing JavaScript library CSS code and images. It is used to develop more advanced mobile applications.

960 grid on jquery-mobile

Its flexibility jquery mobile site, and ease of merging.It aims to bring more flexibility to jquery's mobile layout, making it easier to use tablets.

Dojo toolkit 1.8

Dojo saves you time and scale and uses Web standards as a platform during your development.This is an experienced toolkit for developing and building high-quality desktop and mobile Web applications.

Jquery. Pep. js

The kinetic energy created by Pep is required for mobile and desktop device support (Click and drag ).It uses jquery's animation function and is suitable for all HTML5-ready devices.


Zepto is a primary JavaScript library for jquery-compatible API browsers.


Zoey is a lightweight framework used to develop mobile applications.It is small, customizable, and provides a series of UI components.


-M-Project is a mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that helps you build powerful mobile applications conveniently and quickly.

Dhtmlx touch

Dhtmlx touch is a free open-source JavaScript library used to build HTML5-based mobile Web applications.It is not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create eye-catching and powerful web applications to run on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.


Jqmobi is a lightweight (5000) mobile device library.It is equipped with over 60 API calls and jquery-compatible syntax.

Paperfold for iOS

Paperfold is a simple IOS control that enables hidden views in the middle of the left and right sides of the screen.The Left view only supports 1 time.The right view supports variable folds.

Hammer. JS: A JavaScript library for multi-touch gestures


A css file that helps you quickly develop your website


Sidetap is a simple framework that allows you to quickly build a mobile Web interface independent of the platform.

Jquery mobile

Jquery mobile's semantic tag and progressive enhancement focus are super easy to use.If you know the basic HTML, you can start to build a mobile website.

Sencha touch

The cornerstone of sencha touch's high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework is the sencha HTML5 platform.Designed to deliver a world-class user experience, sencha touch2 is the only framework that enables developers to build fast and impressive applications.IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, etc.


Xui is the smallest framework,It uses Dom because of the list and buttons of most mobile apps, I think he has done a good job in HTML and CSS rendering.

Response JS

He is a lightweight jquery (or zepto) Plug-in that allows web designers to provide tools, performance optimization,It provides a breakpoint-based code block based on dynamic semantic exchange, and gradually provides image (or other media) methods through HTML5 data attributes.The method is provided by the developer to trigger the response action and to test the responsiveness of Boolean values.


Photoswipe is a mobile device. A free Image Library Based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,

Mobilize. JS: A HTML5 and JavaScript framework to transform websites to mobile sites


Quojs is a miniature, modular, object-oriented, and concise JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversal, event processing, and Ajax interaction with the rapid development of mobile networks.It allows you to write powerful, flexible, cross-browser code, its elegant, well-documented, consistent API

HTML5 boilerplate

HTML5 templates help you build fast, reliable, and adaptable Web applications or websites.

HTML5 Reset


Taciónjs: A jquery mobile framework for creating real-time presentations

Countly mobile analytics platform

Countly is a real-time, open-source mobile analytics application.It collects data from mobile phones. This information visualizes the usage of mobile apps and analyzes the behavior of end users.

Camera slideshow

He is an open-source project based on diapo slides., Jquery 1.4 + and other jquery plug-ins

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