Improve wi-fi speed and distance through route Configuration

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Using route configuration to improve wi-fi speed and distance through some basic techniques (how to place a router and how to configure it) and some more complex techniques (using dedicated devices, etc ), it opens up a new world for your wireless router. After several hours of optimizing a home network, the actual effect is obvious, indoor wireless transmission distance is more than doubled-from 30 meters to more than 60 meters (more than 40 meters in the backyard), and performance is increased by 15 times. All of this happens on an old 802.11g wireless router that has been in use for two years. The placement of depends on the location. First, the placement of routers and how to place them are the most basic (and most easily overlooked) two ways to establish an efficient wireless network. Most people put the router at the first thought point, which is a major mistake. You can think of a wireless router as the center of the sphere, and the network connection is extended from its antenna to every direction. My advice is to place the router as close as possible in the physical center of the residential or office that must be covered. Start with a floor plan or sketch and draw a diagonal line from each corner to determine the center position. Of course, some people cannot use this suggestion. Maybe the center of the building has a wall or brick chimney, or the network cable is introduced into the building from the worst possible location. If, for some reason, you cannot place the antenna in the ideal central position, do not be disappointed. We will introduce other solutions later. Now, please visit here to find a good home for the router. Avoiding corners (especially in old houses) is the first step, because the corners weaken the signal when the signal passes through. In addition, do not place the router in the closet. The bookcase or entertainment center is a good place to place the router in a conspicuous manner. of course, a wireless router needs an AC power outlet and a connection to your cable or DSL data source. If the DSL or cable modem line in the building is in an inconvenient location, do not be alarmed. You can use a targeted antenna (as we will mention in the next serialization article ), or extend your DSL and cable lines. If you select the latter, you will find that it is a laborious and costly project to build a line through the wall so that your router can be placed in the correct place, and it will cause damage. As another option, you can consider using a thin coaxial or ethernet cable, which is wrapped in tape and can easily be inserted into walls. After you bring the cable to the desired position, apply a thin layer of adhesive or plaster, and then apply paint, it will become your secret. The length of this cable is 3 ~ 5 meters, the cost of the entire project should be between 80 to 120 USD. Configuration focuses on the details. When everything is put in place, connect to the vro power and enter your security settings. The next thing to do is to adjust the router to the maximum speed. Many vrouters run at a rate of 75% or automatically adjust the factory settings. I found that it is best to adjust the signal rate as high as possible. Then, set the vro to use only one 802.11 protocol, because the hybrid mode is used (most Wi-Fi devices can be used for 802.11a/B/g, or even 802.11n clients) this will reduce the data rate. Because only the 802.11g client is used, the performance of the router can be improved by nearly doubled. The distance from 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps is 20 meters. Of course, you must ensure that all connected devices are set to use the Protocol you selected. If not all of them support the protocols you choose, you must either give up this suggestion or spend money to buy new devices.

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