In addition to SEO optimization still have what promotion way

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Today, we are familiar with the site promotion, is basically search engine SEO or SEM, in addition to these two popular ways, in fact, there are many ways.

So now, I'll tell you a few more common ways:

1, the mainstream of some social platforms or information network promotion

such as Weibo, news website ads, these sites have fixed access to traffic, in these sites to put some ads, or release some content, you can get some users browsing and attention, and then to introduce accurate users for the site, to achieve the purpose of promotion. But relatively, more sophisticated choice for the platform.

2, outside the site of the SEO drainage

Search engine drainage, we all know to do their own site SEO, in fact, relative to their own site rankings, the cost of labor and time costs, do Baidu know, library, bar paste is also a very good choice. The general enterprise starts to make the brand, will use to these platforms.

3, the line to push the drainage

Internet competition is more and more large, high cost, many enterprises began to do local promotion, through subsidies, pay attention to the award, and other activities to attract accurate people. This way for many projects, the effect of the control is very easy.

4, self-media drainage
Since the rise of the media in the past few years, everyone is now from the media, can be said to be very common. Especially since the media, today's headlines and other apps from the media drainage, but the effect of other channels, relatively difficult to control.

Internet marketing, pay attention to the flow of thinking, mastered the user traffic, on the direction of the wealth, which for us to do business promotion, the same applies. Where the traffic is more valuable, it is worth our cost.
What do you think? Does it make sense?
If it makes sense, just come on. Professor and I will explore the understanding Ah!

In addition to SEO optimization still have what promotion way

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