In ASP, a random number class _asp class that is written in VBScript

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Foreigners write a class, such a small application, unless there is a special need, there is no need for modularity.
Generate a random number using ASP.
"' Class:crandom
' Calls randomize to seed the random number generator.
' provides functions for returning ranged random integers or arrays of
' Ranged random integers.
"Calling Randomize to Seed" random number generator at the time the
' class is created seemed like a reasonable thing to do.
Private Sub Class_Initialize ()
' Check the VBScript documentation for the specifics relating
' To the ' Randomize function
End Sub
' Terminate doesn ' t need to does anything for this class
Private Sub Class_Terminate ()
End Sub
"' Function:rangedrandom
' Parameter:lowerbound, the lowest allowable number to return
' Parameter:upperbound, the highest allowable number to return
' Returns:a random integer between Lowerbound and Upperbound,
"' Inclusive
Public Function Rangedrandom (lowerbound, Upperbound)
Rangedrandom = CInt ((upperbound-lowerbound) * Rnd + lowerbound)
End Function
"' Function:rangedrandomarray
' Parameter:lowerbound, the lowest allowable number to return
' Parameter:upperbound, the highest allowable number to return
' Parameter:arraysize, zero based number specifying the size of the array
' Parameter:duplicates, true or false to indicate whether duplicate
"Resize the Temparray to hold the number of elements passed in the
"' ArraySize parameter
ReDim Temparray (ArraySize)
' This is a loop counter and set it to 0
filledelements = 0
' Loop until filledelements is equal to the ArraySize + 1
Do Until filledelements = arraysize + 1
"Call" Rangedrandom function with the lowerbound and upperboundparameters
Tempvalue = Rangedrandom (lowerbound, Upperbound)
' Handle The case where we don ' t want duplicate values
If duplicates = False Then
Badvalue = False
For i = 0 to UBound (temparray)
' Check if the new random value already exists in the array
' If it does set the BADVALUE flag to true and the ' loop
If Tempvalue = Temparray (i) Then
Badvalue = True
Exit For
End If
If Badvalue = False Then
Temparray (filledelements) = Tempvalue
filledelements = filledelements + 1
End If
' Handle the case where duplicate values in the array are acceptable
Temparray (filledelements) = Tempvalue
filledelements = filledelements + 1
End If
"Return the array
Rangedrandomarray = Temparray
End Function
End Class
"All the" code that "follows is example code showing" the use of the
' Crandom class.
Dim objrandom
Dim flip
Dim Randomarray
Dim rowstotest
Dim i, J
' Create an instance's our class
Set objrandom = new Crandom
' Set the number of iterations ' we want to test
Rowstotest = 10
' "Toggle" to determine whether or not we set the bgcolor of the table row
Flip = True
' Start ' table
Response.Write "<table border=0 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1>"
For j = 0 to Rowstotest
' We ' ll alternate the bgcolor of the table rows based on the
' Value of the ' Flip variable
If Flip Then
Response.Write "<tr bgcolor=lightgrey>"
Response.Write "<tr>"
End If
"Call" Rangedrandomarray function for testing purposes
Randomarray = Objrandom.rangedrandomarray (1, 10)
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