In-depth analysis of wireless UWB technical principles (1)

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In the previous article, we have briefly introduced the basic concepts of wireless UWB technology. Now, based on the wireless UWB technology, I will give you a detailed analysis of its principles. Hope that you can find the information you need.

Technical Principles of wireless UWB

The most basic principle of wireless UWB technology is to send and receive pulses with strictly controlled intervals between Gaussian single-cycle ultra-short pulse. When the ultra-short Cycle Pulse determines the wide bandwidth of the signal, the receiver directly uses the first-level front-end cross-correlation tool to convert the pulse sequence into a base band signal, saving the intermediate frequency level in traditional communication equipment and greatly reducing the complexity of the equipment.

The pulse position modulation (PPM) of a single-cycle pulse is used to carry information and channel encoding. Generally, the working pulse width is 0.1-0.1 billion NS (1 nanosecond = in one second), and the repeating cycle is 25-ns. Figure 2 shows the practical time-domain waveform and frequency-domain characteristics of a single-period Gaussian pulse. the center frequency of the pulse is 2 GHz.

Diagram of wireless UWB technology 2 time domain and frequency domain of a typical Gaussian single-cycle pulse

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