In Excel, take the class number as the reference to the sum of all the students ' scores in each section

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Here is a wide range of use of the results of statistical methods:

First look at the table below.

In the table, column A is the class number, from B to e column is the performance column, now, we have to do is, how to according to a column of a class number, the class of all the students in all subjects of the total score, the class of all the students of a certain discipline scores.

For example, if we do not sort a column, the class number 1 of the class for all the students of all subjects of the statistics.

The method is simple enough to use only one sumif, so let's look at how to use the function first.

One, SUMIF function use method

Function: Sums several cells according to a specified condition.

Syntax: SUMIF (Range,criteria,sum_range)

Range: The range of cells that is used to determine criteria.

Criteria: A condition that determines which cells will be added together in the form of numbers, expressions, or text. For example, a condition can be expressed as 66, "66", ">66", or "Dzwebs".

Sum_range: is the actual cell that needs to be summed.


The cells in Sum_range are summed only if the corresponding cells in the range match the criteria.

If Sum_range is omitted, the cells in the range are summed.

To put it simply, the use of this function is:

SUMIF (conditional range, condition, evaluation area)

Second, according to the class number of all students to all disciplines of the total score

With the basis of the above, then, to sum up according to the conditions, it is quite simple. Look at the picture below.

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Formula: =SUMIF (a:a, "=1", $B $: $E $) is a statistical formula that sums up all the subjects of Class 1.


A:A represents the condition area;

"= 1" represents the condition;

$B $: $E $ represents the summation area.

Third, knowledge expansion

How do we write a formula if we want to make a statistic on the results of the information technology of all students in Class 1?

The formula is: =SUMIF (a:a, "=1", $B $: $B $)

If it is the 2 class of the mathematical total score, the formula can be changed to:: =sumif (A:a, "=2", $E $: $E $)

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