In the cloud computing era, the "fit" approach for enterprises to choose ECs"

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Tailor-made clothes should be tailored to suit the local conditions; the construction of a warehouse for the workers should be tailored to the local conditions; the doctors should remedy the right of the disease to save lives. In the cloud computing era, enterprises must select appropriate products and services based on their actual needs.

1. Determine the enterprise requirement type

Enterprises should determine that they need basic data storage and various software-based cloud solutions, including photo, video, and document storage, and provide CRM services. Suppliers still need to provide a series of cloud computing solutions to support enterprises in fast distributed deployment, such as the IT network infrastructure and on-demand access to software, applications and virtual servers.

2. Identify necessary functions of the Product

Enterprises should carefully understand the product performance if necessary to purchase ECs instances. For example, whether the anti-ARP ** and Mac spoofing functions are available, whether snapshot backup and automatic fault migration can be implemented. If you need to add server configurations online in real time, can you scale your servers with one click to easily achieve smooth upgrades.

3. Ease of management operations

ECS usually provides a web-based management platform. You can access and manage ECs anytime and anywhere by logging on with your account. It also supports the use of PCs and diversified mobile terminals. When selecting an ECS instance, enterprises can try it out first to check whether the interface operations are convenient, whether the functions are complete, and whether they can meet daily usage requirements.

4. Security Assurance

Online Security is critical for enterprises to store data on the cloud. Providers should have at least a few standard security measures and should constantly update them to prevent the occurrence of ******* and so on ***. Such as anti-virus detection, firewall, daily security audit, data encryption, and multi-user verification. Enterprises should learn about the data storage center and ask suppliers how to protect their servers from natural disasters and how to protect their storage facilities against theft.

5. After-sales service to meet requirements

Reliable ECs providers should support technical services, including holidays. In this case, the after-sales service response and problem handling efficiency will be relatively high, which can avoid more losses to enterprises. Some vendors provide such services free of charge, while some suppliers charge different fees.

6. Whether the price meets the budget

For products with the same performance, you must choose low prices. Many cloud server providers support subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods. enterprises can choose as needed. However, we should understand not only the basic rental cost of ECs, but also the additional technical support service fee and value-added fee.

When purchasing ECs instances, enterprises can refer to the above standards to determine products suitable for their own development and needs. The bird cloud is recommended by users in domestic ECS. Bird cloud server is famous for its high cost performance and good service. It provides technical support free of charge. It is an ideal platform for enterprises to choose Elastic Compute Service (ECS.

In the cloud computing era, the "fit" approach for enterprises to choose ECs"

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