In the. combo/gamma suffix ransomware virus The latest ransomware virus successfully decrypted-Anheng decryption

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Combo ransomware virus is solvable

. Combo ransomware virus successfully decrypted

Gamma ransomware virus successfully decrypted

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Anheng declassified a professional agency engaged in the decryption ransomware virus, we have been employed for more than three years to solve various ransomware virus hundreds of, the case of failure almost 0. We have served a variety of manufacturers, companies, groups, no exception is the customer of our evaluation is hundred percent satisfied.

For so long we have encountered a variety of virus suffixes, such as:. Bip. Dbger. ARROW. ALCO snake4444 tiger4444 rooster4444 dog4444 pig4444. dragon4444, etc., but none of them have been our high-quality service and professional technology one by one decryption to get customers alike.

Case study: An enterprise in Chengdu, found that the server file data are all encrypted, and each file behind a. Combo suffix, which prevents the company from functioning properly. The enterprise in February time, through the bar to find our security Heng decryption, our engineers are in Chongqing on business, with the shortest time to help enterprises solve the problem. The enterprise responsible for the direct contact with our Liu Workers decryption engineer, Liu workers to the future, the business owner immediately signed a contract with Liu Workers, Liu workers directly overtime work, the next day to complete the decryption work.

Cause of poisoning:

                服务器弱密码                  与管理员账号被攻破整个网络被波及                系统存在漏洞                 软件  网站被*** 数据库

Precautionary approach

1. Common reinforcement methods

Do not click on emails and attachments that are unknown to you;

Upgrade system timely, install system patches in time;

Software hardening of important servers and hosts;

Turn off unnecessary sharing permissions and ports, such as: 3389, 445, 135, 139;

Make real-time backup of important files;

The security domain of internal network is divided reasonably, the strict ACL is restricted between each security domain, and the range of lateral movement is restricted.

The important business system and core database should set up the independent security area and do the security defense of the region boundary, strictly restrict the access rights of the important area and turn off the unnecessary and insecure services such as Telnet, SNMP, etc.

Erecting ids/ips equipment in the network, discovering and blocking the horizontal moving behavior of intranet in time;

Set up a full-flow recording device within the network, and discover the lateral movement behavior of the Intranet, and provide a good basis for tracing traceability.

2. Excellent security reinforcement Solution

The operating system security enhancement System (RS-CDPS) protects server data by installing a secure kernel on the server. It provides a security layer on top of the security features of the operating system, enabling access control of the file system by intercepting system calls to enhance the security of the operating system. It can be installed without changing the operating system, easy to operate, appropriate for system management and security management.

Anheng decryption is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, the following areas can be XXX:

Chongqing, Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Ningxia

Contact qq:3179509885

Contact qq:3179509885

XXX, remote services are available .....

In the. combo/gamma suffix ransomware virus The latest ransomware virus successfully decrypted-Anheng decryption

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