In the front end of the mobile end more than the PC end what knowledge, why interview many companies have asked H5

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I have been doing web front-end development for several years, just talk about my feelings.

First look at some of the differences between PC and mobile in front-end development:

(1) PC considers browser compatibility, mobile development is more about mobile compatibility, because the current Android phone or iOS phone, the General browser is WebKit core, so do mobile development, more consideration should be the phone resolution of the adaptation, Slightly differentiated from different operating systems;

(2) in the processing of some of the events, the mobile side is naturally biased to touch screen, so some of the rules of touch screen events to explore a bit more, including mobile phone pop-up keyboard how to deal with, such problems on the PC certainly will not encounter, but on the mobile side, if you have no experience, processing up is quite troublesome;

(3) in the layout, mobile development is generally to achieve the layout of self-adaptation, where I recommend the use of REM solution, the specific implementation can be Baidu, relatively simple, more flexible processing;

(4) in the animation processing, PC-side due to the compatibility of IE, usually use JS to do the animation of the versatility will be better, but compared to CSS3 but sacrificed a larger performance, and in the mobile phone, if you want to do some animation, special effects, and so on, the first choice is definitely CSS3, both simple and high efficiency.

The difference is here, perhaps not completely, I also think of where to say, the following to talk about if you want to do mobile web development, that is, the main topic of H5 development, in the existing PC-based Web development, but also need to study which technologies:

(1) Some of the interface is best to achieve once, familiar with certain benefits, such as leadership let you through the sharing of articles, title, description, and icon icons How to configure, you say you do not know, it is too water;

(2) Baidu map of some API interface, there is time to get familiar with it, for mobile, lbs is still a very important feature, so map this piece is definitely need to understand, plus Baidu map is already a more mature platform, learn not to bother the child;

(3) CSS3 animation to familiar with, at least some of the most basic animation implementation and algorithms to understand, on the mobile side should also be used more;

(4) General PC with jquery, mobile end with Zepto, this nothing to say, here is mainly to remind you, mobile traffic is relatively important, so the introduction of resources or plug-ins, can be small, a 30k of resources and 80k of resources, in the mobile side or quite large;

(5) It is best to master a complete front-end development architecture, such as modular, packaging, compression, caching, release, conditional can also do an automated test and so on, I have used the FIS, but also good, the friends can write their own set of, and then say a word, if you want to quickly improve their front-end development technology, Delving into the front-end architecture This piece is a very good direction.

These months, but also time to write a app,android and iOS version of all have, interested friends can add group 103791667, communicate together, progress together!

In the front end of the mobile end more than the PC end what knowledge, why interview many companies have asked H5

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