In the Q version of the character design taboo complex language

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In general, the Q version of the role because of the height of the Mini, it is impossible to do too complex action, so their dynamic is often a more typical iconic action. In other words, the momentum shown in the general Q version of the character is often the end result of a movement, rather than enriching the character's posture with a lot of subtle intermediate moves like other comic characters. Sometimes this kind of action will be too typical, and appear some affectation, this is the Q version of the role in the expression of creative advantages, with the help of the simplest shape and action can reflect the distinctive character character.

What if it is necessary to let the Q role show the physical action of a certain physical activity? We can temporarily sacrifice the original proportions of the characters and rely on reducing the proportion of the head body of the character to meet the requirements of complex motions.

But keep in mind that this change in the proportions of the head is only temporary and within the smallest possible limit. Do not enlarge the body blindly.

The mini height is 1:1 head height. That is, the body and head are high, and this role is most likeable and well suited as a business role application because it can still make a variety of exaggerated expressions even in small sizes-such as when applied to Web pages. But it also has some congenital flaws, that is, because the hands and feet are too small to carry out complex movements, remember never let it do the hug head or any need to hand in the head above the movement!

So the role of this body proportion is not very suitable for the story. If you need to complete a comic story. Or a 4-head-high character. It is recommended to learn drawing and color matching tutorials for human bodies .

In the Q version of the character design taboo complex language

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