In the study of PS problems and understanding.

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Photoshop abbreviated PS, which in the picture processing can be said to be a magical ability to rot, he not only provides a powerful drawing tools, can draw art graphics, but also from scanners, digital cameras and other devices to collect images, modify them, repair, adjust the image color, brightness, change the size of the image, You can also combine multiple images to add special effects.

Photoshop means "machine of thought" and I think the name is very apt. The first thing to do with this software is to emancipate the mind, as the saying goes: How far can the thought go? I am here to be the adjective of Photoshop.

The main features of this software are:

    1, easy to operate: You can select a specific area of an image by clicking the mouse. Easily select subtle image elements such as hair, remove background color around the edges of the selection, and use the new refinement tool to automatically change the edges of the selection and refine the mask.     2, Content-aware fill: Remove any image details or objects and silently watch content-aware fills magically complete the rest of the fill work. This groundbreaking technology, combined with light, hue and noise, does not seem to have been removed.     3, Superior HDR imaging: Create realistic or surreal HDR images with unprecedented speed, control, and accuracy. With auto-elimination of iterations and better control over tone mapping and tuning, you can get better results, even with the appearance of HDR for a single exposure photo.     4, the latest RAW image processing: Use the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6 plug-in to eliminate image noise without compromise, while preserving color and detail, adding granular to make digital photos look more natural; Wait a minute.     5. Outstanding drawing Effects: Easily turn photos into drawings or create unique artistic effects with the color mixer brush, which provides a canvas process color, and a brush tip that creates realistic, textured strokes.     6, control deformation: the accurate repositioning of any image element, creating visually more attractive photos. For example, easily straighten an uncomfortable arm with a curved angle.     7, Automatic lens correction: lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignette auto-correction can help you save time. Photoshop CS5 uses EXIF data from image files to make precise adjustments based on the type of camera and lens you use.     8, efficient workflow: Thanks to the many features and enhancements that Photoshop users request, you can improve productivity and creativity. Automatically straighten images, pick colors from the color picker on the screen, adjust the opacity of many layers, and more.     9, the new GPU Acceleration feature: Take advantage of enhancements for everyday tools and GPU support. Use the three-point grid for cropping, zoom with the click Scrub function, and sample the color for a better visualization and the screen color picker.     10, simpler user interface management: Use a folding workspace switcher to enable quick navigation and selection between your favorite user interface configurations. The live workspace automatically records user interface changes when you switch to another program and then cutThe panel will remain in place when swapped back.     11, excellent black and white conversion: Try a variety of black and white appearance. Interactively convert color images using the integrated Lab b&w Action, creating gorgeous HDR black and white images more easily and faster, and experimenting with new presets. What I'm learning now is the Adobe Photoshop CS6. Relative to previous Photoshop features more powerful and perfect let's take a look at his new added features:    (1) Content-aware patching
Better control of image patching with content-aware patching lets you select a sample area for the content recognition feature to use to create patch fill effects.
(2) Mercury graphics engine
Instantly see effects with major tools such as Liquify and puppet warping, creating 3D artwork and working with matte painting and other large files.
(3) 3D Performance improvement
Experience enhanced performance throughout the full-work process. With the Mercury graphics engine, you can view shadows and reflections in all editing modes and make final rendering work fast in Adobe raytrace mode.
(4) 3D control function for your use
Create 3D artwork visually with a massively simplified user interface. Use content-related and on-canvas controls to control the frame to produce a 3D bulge, change the scene and object orientation, edit the light, and more. [4]
(5) New and improved design tools
Create great designs faster. Apply type styles to produce consistent formatting, apply strokes using vector layers and add gradients to vector targets, create custom strokes and dashes, quickly search for layers, and more. [4]
(6) The new Blur Gallery
Use a simple interface, a new cropping tool
Quickly and accurately crop images with the new non-destructive cropping tool. Control your images on the canvas and see the adjustment results in real time with the Mercury graphics engine.
(7) Modern user interface
With the new elegant Photoshop interface, the dark background option highlights your images, and hundreds of design improvements provide a smoother, more consistent editing experience.
(8) New reflection and draggable shadow effect
Add and enhance shadows and reflections on the ground to quickly render 3D photorealistic effects. Drag shadows to reposition the light, and easily edit ground reflections, shadows, and other effects
(9) Intuitive video production
Use the power of Photoshop to edit your video footage. Easily retouch video clips with the various Photoshop tools you're familiar with, and use the intuitive video toolset to create videos.
(10) Background storage
Even if you store large Photoshop files in the background, you can continue to work-improving performance to help improve your productivity.
(11) Automatic recovery
The AutoRecover option works in the background, so you can store edits while not affecting your operations. Store your work every 10 minutes so you can automatically recover your files when you shut down unexpectedly.
(12) Easily align and distribute 3D objects
Automatically aligns your objects to vanishing points in your image, and controls a set of 3D objects at the same time with the new multi-select option, allowing you to create rich 3D scenes faster.
(13) Preset migration and sharing function
Easily migrate your presets, workspaces, preferences, and settings so that you can experience Photoshop the same way on all your computers, share your settings, and migrate your custom settings in the old version to Photoshop CS6.
(14) Improved auto-correction function
Enhance your images with improved automatic bending, levels, and brightness/contrast controls. Intelligent built-in thousands of manually optimized images that lay the groundwork for modification.
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7 Plugin
With improved processing and enhanced control sets, we help you make the best JPEG and initial files, and show the details of each detail that the image highlights, while still preserving the detail of the shadows.
(16) Content-Aware mobility tool
Move or extend the selected objects to other areas of the image, and then use the Content-aware Move tool feature to reorganize and blend objects to produce excellent visual effects.
(17) A variety of user-inspired improvements
Save time with over 65 new creative features and productivity enhancements offered by Photoshop users on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. In this software I just dabble in my favorite and most assured that this software is a function of the recovery function, he greatly reduced in the occurrence of what unexpected cost, for just learning I come, for PS's experience is he is a magic software, he can have a lot of imagination space, he can put the thought to show out, To make things perfect. Of course, the cost of this is a lot of time and energy. Complete a picture his operation is cumbersome, to have enough patience and careful to be competent.

In the study of PS problems and understanding.

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