In this way, your life will be successful.

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Each of us has our own definition of success. Everyone has different concepts of success, because they have different personal experiences, values, and understandings of life. However, success may vary from person to person. We need to find our own specific success criteria.

We can list a lot of success criteria: family Happiness, successful career, good health, full potential of their own, life goals and pursuits, in the professional field has been created, has been widely recognized and respected, and has a social contribute and do what you like ......

We also have different success standards in different age groups: academics, job hunting, marriage, career, education for children ...... Confucius planned different tasks at different stages: Thirty, forty, fifty, fifty, sixty, and seventy.

A friend of mine, who is 40 years old, is frustrated at work and has no girlfriend. I told him that you were not as unsuccessful as you thought.

Because I think of some people around me who seem to be better than him, when they encounter some setbacks, they will show abnormal calm and easy to crash. In this way, it is not too failure if the previous failed friend can talk to me calmly.

So I found that if we rely solely on External labels, we basically cannot see who is more successful and who is not successful. The key is to look at a person's heart.

It is not difficult to check whether a person is successful. Each of us can assume that you are 40 years old, have no job or have a humble position, have no boyfriend or girlfriend. In short, you should have everything you do without your age. So what do you feel? What status?

In this way, you can know how successful you are.

In my opinion, true success does not mean a successful career, nor is it intended to expand itself to influence more people. Is it a success for a successful career? Yes, no. We know that there are many successful people who are still living in an uneasy and worried life every day. Their hearts are filled with jealousy, anxiety, injustice, and insecurity, such successful people are naturally not really successful people.

Real Success is not afraid of stock market ups and downs and economic crisis, not afraid of people exposure, not afraid of changing trends, not afraid of industry decent or not, not afraid of the public to buy money. Because the true success lies in your mind, and no one can take it.

The American writer and thinker Emerson said: they can often laugh and have love in their hearts; they can be respected by wise men and loved by children; can win the praise of sincere critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; can appreciate the beauty; can see the advantages of others; can pay for themselves; it can make the world a better place-whether it's a healthy child, a garden path, or a social situation that is improved by you; can Play, laugh, and sing with unparalleled enthusiasm; can know that even if only one life is easier to breathe because of your existence-this is success.


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In this way, your life will be successful.

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