In vc8, how does one implement libdecodeqr? (C/C ++) (VC ++) (Image Processing)

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Original Site: how to upgrade libdecodeqr in vc8? (C/C ++) (VC ++) (Image Processing)  Abstract  Libdecodeqr is an open source C/C ++ QR code library. This article discusses how to use vc8 linear regression.  Introduction  The QR code is a two-character keyword that has been frequently used on websites. It is mainly used for URL, text, telephone, or website encoding, then, you can identify the problem through the CMOS camera on your phone. Libdecoderq is an open source C/C ++ QR code library, which can be downloaded under libdecodeqr uses opencv, it must be added to you want to upload data on windows, we recommend that you use opencv-win 1.0 instead of ch-opencv 2.3.0 or 2.5.0, it cannot be used with libdecodeqr. Only opencv-win 1.0 is normal. Installing opencv  Because libdecodeqr requires opencv during runtime, you must install opencv first.  Step 1:  Opencv_1.0.exe, and press <next> export parameters.    Step 2:  Accept the license and press <next> begin license.    Step 3:  Select "security groups" and press <next> Configure rules.   Step 4:  Select the dataset name, and press <next> Configure dataset.    Step 5:  This step is very important to add \ opencv \ bin to the path system variable. Otherwise, the DLL of opencv cannot be found in the future, press <next> continue later. (In my computer, c: \ Program Files \ opencv \ bin \ cannot be automatically added to the path system variable. You must manually add it for unknown reasons)    Step 6:  Start the installation and press <next> restart later.    Step 7: Security is successful.       Libdecodeqr  Step 1:  Download the libdecodeqr-0.9.3.tar.bz2 solution to the \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \  Step 2:  Use vc8 to open Alibaba \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ SRC \ libdecodeqr. DSW.  Libdecodeqr. DSW is the workspace of vc6. After vc8 is enabled, it automatically asks if you want to convert it to the format of vc8. Select <yes to all>.   Step 3:  Add the opencv header path  Select libdecodeqr, and select "properties" from the context menu.    Select Configuration properties-> C/C ++-> general on the left and additional include directories on the right.    Add c: \ Program Files \ opencv \ CV \ include \ and c: \ Program Files \ opencv \ cxcore \ include \ Path Program, and select <OK>.    The last example is as follows.    Step 4:  Required bytes libdecodeqr.     Add the program  Libdecodeqr itself provides the upload program, placed under \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ SRC \ sample \ simple \, now add this project  Step 1:  New simple cases    Add \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ SRC \ sample \ simple. DSW   Simple. DSP is the workspace of vc6. After vc8 is enabled, it will automatically ask you if you want to convert it to the format of vc8. Select <yes to all>.    Step 2:  Add a header path    Step 3:  New lib path  Select libdecodeqr, select "properties" from "right", "configuration properties"> "linker"> "general" from the left ", and" additional library "directories" from the right.    Add the c: \ Program Files \ opencv \ Lib path and select <OK>.    The last example is as follows.    Step 4:  Simple  Step 5:  Simple  Upload images \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ IMG \ 01-1.jpg to \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ SRC \ sample \ simple \ debug, in Console mode, switch the router to \ libdecodeqr-0.9.3 \ SRC \ sample \ simple \ debug \, then 

Simple 01-1.jpg The following results are displayed: Solved the following URL Http:// Uid = nullgwdocomo & url =/GP/AW/h.html & AT = aw_intl6-22 Conclusion Opencv is an open source and free llibrary. I didn't know this useful library before. In order to process images in C ++, and ran to use C ++/CLI. net Framework, now with opencv, you can create a cross-platform image processing program under iso c ++. The QR code is the ISO 18004 standard. With libdecodeqr, in addition to resolving the QR code on C ++, you can also study its source to understand how the QR code is resolved. See also (Original) how to compile opencv in Linux? (OS) (Linux) (centos) (Image Processing) (C/C ++) (Original) How does one implement libdecodeqr in Linux? (OS) (Linux) (cenos) (Image Processing) (C/C ++) Reference Libdecodeqr: Open Computer Vision Library:
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