In Windows CE, the SDK contains other files (add additional. H files and. Lib files)

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In Windows CE, the SDK contains other files (add additional. H files and. Lib files)

Method: when generating the SDK, choose platform> SDK> Configure SDK and select splash screen from the opened SDK setting, if you select Show OEM splash screen at SDK installat and select a BMP image in the text box below, you can display the set image when installing the SDK. Select the addition files item. Here, we can set to add other files to the SDK. Generally, we will add the. h file and. Lib file in the SDK to the two folders respectively. Select Add in source folder, select the folder of the. h file to be added, and enter Include/armv4i/(Note that the end is '/', and here armv4i is the CPU of armv4i ). For. lib file, usually put the target path under lib/armv4i/. In this way, when you use this SDK to write an application, you can directly use the # include "SDK added. h. add the H file to the Code, instead of adding. copy the H file to the project directory. Another method is to compile the operating system directly. h or. copy the Lib file to include in the % wince500 %/pbworkspaces/% projectname %/wince500/% cputype % // cesysgen/SDK/directory (. h file) and Lib (. lib file ). Then generate the Platform SDK. In this way, you can add the file to the SDK.


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