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First of all, the topic: Vim released 7.3.

In looking at the Vim plug-in, found a more interesting application (non-Plug-ins): The Handbook of PHP as a vim, in Vim, press "K", you can jump to the cursor under the function manual description ...

1. First, download a specially customized PHP manual (all functions that contain PHP5.3): vim-php-manual.tar.gz

2. Unzip the downloaded file and place it in a directory such as/tmp/phpmuanul (under Windows such as "D:/phpmanual").

3. Configure VIMRC (under Linux vimrc,windows is _VIMRC), add phpmanual directory to Runtimepath (explain why later).

4. Configure VIMRC to make keywordprg= "help". On my machine, keywordprg default is!man, most of the time, I still want to be able to direct man to the standard library of Linux, so I use (in VIMRC file):

Autocmd bufnewfile,bufread *.ros,*.inc,*.php Set keywordprg= "Help"

Or it can be written in the Vim directory under the Ftplugin under the Php.vim (if not new), so that when the FT is PHP, this configuration script will be loaded.

As for the reason why the Phpmanual directory was added to the Runtimepath, it is because:

When no argument are given to:help the file given with the ' HelpFile ' Optionwill to be opened. Otherwise the specified tag is searched to all "doc/tags" files in the directories specified in the ' Runtimepath ' Optio N.

That means, in vim, when calling help, helps will go to all the doc directories under Runtimpath to look for tags files to find the helpful keyword.

In the vim-php-manual.tar.gz file we downloaded, we included a file directory structure such as doc/tags, so just add the phpmanual directory to Runtimepath and set Keywordprg as Vim's help, Can be implemented at the cursor at the "K" Jump to the function manual.


Use screenshots

Finally, add that if you are using, Vim prompts you:

tags file not sorted

Then you can use vim to open phpmanual/doc/tags, and then%sort ...

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