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Today want to say is to increase the site humanistic care to improve the user experience, what is "humanistic care"? Can be roughly explained as follows:

"Humanistic care", the ordinary people's understanding is very simple, is the concern for people. "Humanities" is a concept which is very rich and difficult to refer to, "humanities" is closely related to human's value, human dignity, independent personality, human's individuality, human's existence and life and its significance, human's ideal and human's destiny, etc.

Well, understand these things, we should have a preliminary understanding of this, we have to do is to the site and humane care organic combination.

The steps we have studied are: to ask questions--to analyze them--to solve them--to summarize and diverge, we first ask the following questions:

1. Who is the target of the website? 2. What is the relationship between humanistic care and user experience in the website?

OK, first of all, to answer the first question, the face of our site to like who, I use a word answer, object-oriented is "human." That is to be human, is flesh and blood, sentient feelings.

To look at the second question, we are targeting people, then we have to build a Web site or services on an artificial basis. The first example illustrates:

Baidu Search Support "natural language", unique word segmentation and technology, this point in the actual use can be experienced, with a slogan of Baidu, "I know you do not know that you know you do not know", this sentence if Google to participle, basically difficult, but Baidu can do very well, in the user use process, Normal people search for natural language, not too much written or machine-style language, so it will give users a warm feeling.

Look at the Chinaz home left there is a "Alliance Good Station recommended" column, such practices, will make users feel webmaster station very close to the user, although this practice will bring benefits to the CNZZ, but you think, this approach is double surplus, give you the station to display promotional opportunities also give CNZZ publicity, This is also the best way to solve the problem, it is worth recommending.

There are many examples, only two to illustrate, we can see that the site's humanistic care is to increase the user experience.

But how do we increase the humanistic care of the site?

1. To increase the softness of web design, universality, do not take a personal too unique perspective of design, to stand on the most common basis for design.

2. In the website construction process, enhances the user psychology, the mood, the feeling consideration.

3. Web page content to increase readability, enhance close to life, close to the natural content of the construction

4. Penetrate into the daily life of the user, increase the user's viscosity to the website and the friendliness of the user to the website.

Here is a small practice: we have received our registered website mail, we look at a few, and do in contrast:

Mail one:
Hello, Big Apple!
We ' ve noticed ' ve not been active in Acidstudioz (Forum Community for Everything) for quite some time now, and we Miss You!

Could we not tempt to you?

If you don ' t remember your password, you can request it HERE:HTTP://ACIDSTUDIOZ.COM/FORUMS/LOGIN.PHP?DO=LOSTPW
We hope to the soon

You are an automated service^

Kindest regards
Acidstudioz (Forum Community for Everything)

Mail two:
Hi, dear MySpace User!
How have you been? Long time no see, are you busy to save all mankind?
Take a break, recently heard a lot of new songs, there are Wang Leehom's "Roots", Shiri new album title song, and Christian Kleine "real Ghosts", absolutely fascinating acoustic guitar, the most suitable for the summer to listen. This is a black friend recommended to me, the guy occasionally put some of his hip hop up, I think it is my taste, although he is just a underground. Whatever it is, have fun.
Now friends are circulating Lily Allen's story, that Girl was a small salesman, in less than a year, rely on a few single to become the world's most popular pop singer, but this girl is very Zhuo, good at cursing and complaining about society, I really do not know the British record company boss know this matter after how to think. But after listening to her songs, I also feel really good, quite a feeling, at least more than the snow village better. I'll give you the address,, you can listen to me when you are free.
Many friends around me like Xu Fei, May days or something, do you like it? Now the new people really more and more, a variety of, I have to submit:
Okay, no more, see ya! Come and play sometime!

My empty

Mail Three:

Dear Member, Hello!

Thank you in XXXX forum Registration, here wish you all the best! If this email is causing inconvenience to you. If you have not come to the forum for a long time, would you please come and see it? If you have forgotten the login password, you can retrieve it via the following URL according to your username and email address
(If you can not directly click, please copy in the Address bar to visit)
Thank you for your support for XXXX!

Obviously, the first two very mean, the user is very concerned about, but the third is not creative, I think it is junk mail. The first two care for the user is very good, the third garbage to death, forget it. The above only explains the question, must some creativity, some is different, this sends the mail the way may try.

Take a look again has a public interest activities of the page, this approach to your site, does not need any cost, simple very, but this point can be a large degree of explanation, your station very sentient existence.

From this to criticize the Hao side of the platform, a very soft software, open sometimes pop-up 15 ads, really let people admire, even if you are very successful, but do not shameless to this point, you have to remember that the user is fundamental, not for money on the crazy, do not consider the user, where also talk about humanistic care? Come out, you'll have to return it sooner or later, your death is near.

Do the station well, have the user, you will succeed. Not once day can do well, slowly, in the study of growth, gradually you will understand.

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