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Baidu has a website to submit. Submit the URL of your website on it every day.Http://
The following are some suggestions for effectively indexing websites:
Add a text-related title to each webpage. For the homepage of a website, we recommend that you use the site name or company/organization name as the site representative. For the rest of the content pages, we recommend that you extract and summarize the body content. This allows potential users to quickly access your page.

Do not accumulate keywords irrelevant to the body in the title.

Make sure that each page can be reached through a text link. Baidu cannot identify the links in Flash. The links on these units point to webpages, and Baidu cannot include them.

Try to use a normal hyperlink instead of a redirection link between pages. The automatically redirected page may be discarded by Baidu.

Use frame and iframe frame structures as few as possible.

For dynamic web pages, please control the number of parameters and URL length. Baidu prefers to include static webpages.

Do not have too many links on the same page. On those website map pages, give links to important content instead of all details.

Websites should be user-oriented, rather than search engines. A site that is welcomed by users will eventually be welcomed by search engines. Conversely, if your site has been optimized for Baidu many times but has brought a lot of negative experience to users, your website may eventually be left cold by Baidu.

Baidu prefers webpages with unique content, rather than simply copying and repeating webpages with existing content on the Internet. Baidu may not include content that has already been repeated for thousands of times.

Exercise caution when using your site link. Links with some junk sites may negatively affect your website. Therefore, when someone asks you to provide links to their sites with enthusiasm, consider the following two points:
1. Is the website of the other party high-quality in his field? Many of the so-called Traffic and Rankings between webmasters are obtained by deception and cannot be maintained for a long time.

2. Is the link name requested by the other party commensurate with the website status of the other party? Using a keyword that covers a wide range to create a link name for a website with very limited content may negatively affect your website.

The content is updated frequently. There are often sites that produce new content. Baidu will pay attention to them and will welcome them frequently.

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