Increased network capacity

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    • cosmic distance Distant, or operating environment extreme, the future will belong to the Vr/ar technology application scope.

    • For example, the distance between space and the Earth is limited, caused a lot of work not to go smoothly. However, the transmission capacity of the network continues to improve, vr/ar technology, the ultra-long-distance cooperation ability, will be in this field of brilliance.

    • for example, ISS astronauts can interact with Microsoft's HoloLens and ground consoles, and astronauts can now guide the operation and maintenance of space equipment according to the experts ' distance, thereby reducing the occurrence of errors.       

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      communicates with others online in another place.

    • VR remote operation, The operator has a sufficient number of sensory feedbacks, which seem to be operating in a remote environment, where people's VR heads are connected to the robotic 3D camera system, and his arm is remotely operated by the robotic arm.  

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Increased network capacity

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