Independent developer's path to freedom-1. Independent Development freedom

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Independent developer's path to freedom-1. Independent Development freedom

People always do this. When they stop, they will always think about people, things, and life,

At the beginning, it will inevitably be resentment, resentment, and impermanence.

The ridiculous thing is that everyone is eager for freedom, but can't do without constraints.

The company has not paid a salary for three months. If you leave or stay in the company, everyone's thoughts are different.

I have heard a lot of stories about salary collection and some company insiders.

Many people think that the relationship between one paper and one contract will become more strong when they invest in it. But they do not know that adults only talk about interests, but do not know whether children are good or bad.

When I received a phone interview with NetEase today, it could be said that it was a big defeat!

1. forced replacement of various types.

2. Use of the const Function

3. overload, rewriting, and redefinition


There is a group of lovely little fairies in the beautiful PAAs forest,
They sing songs and learn magic every day!
Every time the dark night comes, dark creatures will attack.
The elves have long been aware of the mysteries behind magic ....

Players release magic kill by dividing the number on top of the monster head by 3 or more

Extreme test of mathematical ability and reflection ability

This is an introduction to the application of a small game written on the youmi advertisement. It has been around for nearly a year!

Flappy bird was well pursued and I realized that there was another kind of person called independent developers.

In any case, he seems to have interpreted the real freedom, which is fascinating.

I like to walk home from work,

In the sunset, a road, a person, a side of vegetation, and a time that passes through the whistle

This is a picture. It is always so quiet that you can think about many problems.

The idea of playing games is getting stronger and stronger. The gameplay is basically one day,

One rejection, one display in your mind,

I think it's good. I'm so excited for a few days.

What you can do is not always possible. What you can do is not necessarily profitable.

What should I do if there is no picture? What if there is no sound? What if there is no promotion channel?

So far, it has been in the same place.

There will always be attempts, right?

Think twice

I took the company's project waste pictures, Baidu downloaded the sound effects, and selected the open ad platform.

Learn to connect to the SDK and pack the APK

A week of busy traffic. I uploaded the app in the afternoon, and I was relieved.

On Friday, I thought it was only possible to receive a notification next Monday. I opened QQ on my mobile phone and accidentally saw an email with the meter review passed.

Happy in my heart, I started playing a few games, and the background was updated immediately. I felt very interesting.

Confusion is essential

Some people say that if the road goes wrong, stopping is also a kind of progress.

But I don't think the road is the result, but it cannot be stopped. Even if the road goes wrong, maybe there is a shortcut you can't see on this wrong road. What do you think?

This is my mini-game address. Maybe you will like it

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