Individual positioning and planning in a team project

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In this mobile app development program, our team prepares to make a professionally recommended app for the University of Shanghai, and according to the previous chapters, members of the team will be initially divided into developers, testers, and PM (Program Manager). I worked as a developer in this software development.

At the beginning of the development phase, the entire staff first together clear the theme of this app, together to analyze how the app will be able to achieve the function, which audience will be targeted, for the same kind of software on the market, we can add some useful features. First of all, as far as possible in the Shanghai region in the past few years, the minimum score of each department, the lowest admission scores of the system, and then according to the corresponding scores and volunteer recommendations; In addition, we have implemented some additional functions in our development, such as: the candidate's own voluntary assessment rating, The next college entrance examination fraction of the estimate.

I acted as a developer in this project. This time, the software development will be developed on the platform of Android, so we will be familiar with the development platform of Android system during this period. Before developing a model framework, it is first to fully understand the functional direction of the project. In the process of teamwork, and other team members to maintain good communication, at each stage of research and development actively review, there are difficult words to actively discuss with the group members, listen to other people's opinions. Work in the first sharpen their own technology, and then control the progress of development, reasonable advance.

Hope this development project can let me better experience teamwork, training my software development ability.

Individual positioning and planning in a team project

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