Industry and job postings with a "high salary margin"

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Are you thinking about your job-hopping plan when you're in the middle of a year-hopping season? According to HRM (, the "first quarter 2015 Job Seekers ' readiness survey" results show that over 70% of respondents said they would switch jobs in the first quarter of this year. The main reason for job-hopping is still dissatisfaction with pay and benefits.
So, which industries have the most high-paying jobs right now? Which industries have greater demand for employment? What kind of people will have more job opportunities? The following are some of the issues we are concerned about in the field of analysis, for job seekers recent job-hopping as a reference.
   The Internet industry into a large demand for real estate talent decline significantly
According to HRM ( worry-free statistics show that the number of online posts in March 2015 more than 3.62 million, up 10.9% yoy. Among them, the Internet/e-commerce industry posted the largest number of online posts, the total volume of the second financial/investment/securities industry in the number of talent needs more than 100,000. Thus, the rapid development of the Internet economy undoubtedly to the industry in the relevant talents to create a lot of opportunities.
In contrast, the number of online posts in housing-related real estate development and construction/building/construction/engineering industries has shrunk considerably. Especially in the real estate development industry, the number of recruitment decreased by 22.7% over the same period last year. The number of posts posted online has also slipped to fourth place from the first in the same period last year. (see table 1)
According to the data of the research center of Rick and Rui, in the first quarter of 2015, only 6 companies in the top 20 real estate companies achieved performance growth, the rest showed varying degrees of decline, the first quarter TOP20 average sales of the company fell 15.37% compared with the same period in 2014.
   Table 1: Ranking of the top ten popular industries on-line posts and their YoY change in March 2015

Data Source: 51job

   Financial Industry monthly salary of the most sales positions most "high salary"
Recently, HRM ( launched the "First offer in life" of the sun list activities. Statistics found that the financial industry's "money" Taste the strongest, 2015-year undergraduate and master's starting salary is higher than million yuan, master graduates of the highest monthly salary of 17000 yuan, and starting salary of less than 5000 yuan in the financial enterprises under 10%.
According to HRM ( worry-free statistics show that, in addition to salary negotiable, more than 10000 yuan a month of jobs accounted for the highest proportion of the industry is the financial/investment/securities industry, followed by the Internet/e-commerce industry, ranked third is the real estate development industry. (see table 2)
   Table 2: Industry rankings with a monthly salary of over million jobs

Data Source: 51job
Segment to position, sales by virtue of high Commission and performance bonuses, become the most "high-paying" position. The software engineer, known as the "no shortage of money", followed. The third place is the investment/financial advisor in the "Money" industry (finance/investment/securities industry). (see table 3)
   Table 3: Top positions for the most gold-sucking jobs

Data Source: 51job
   over 70% employers plan to recruit young employees with a working life of 2 years
According to HRM, the first quarter 2015 employers ' willingness to hire survey report shows that 75% of employers plan to recruit younger employees for two years with the highest history. There will also be a large increase in the recruitment of middle-level technical and managerial positions. The report also mentions that with the advent of the internet economy, many creative, design, planning and professional services are emerging, and those who are accustomed to, familiar with and proficient in the Internet can have more job opportunities.

Industry and job postings with a "high salary margin"

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