Influence of original content and unique content on SEO and precautions

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For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), although there are such theories and technologies, content is always the first priority: content is the basis for implementing any other SEO technology or means, there is no substantial significance for leaving content to talk about SEO. Although the old saying "content is King" is absolutely true, the intention is nothing more than to emphasize the decisive role of content in the final SEO effect.

However, it must be clear that any search engine algorithm has vulnerabilities. Therefore, some websites that do not have real content can use some Black Hat techniques to obtain rankings that do not match their status on the search results page, such situations should not be completely eliminated for a long period of time. Because of this, all major search engines are vigorously emphasizing the importance of content, trying to guide website builders to focus on content construction for website optimization and promotion.

For example, Google's Quality Guide section in its website administrator guide puts forward:

If your website participates in the Affiliate Program, make sure that your website can add value to it. Please provide unique and relevant content so that users have reason to visit your website first.

Another example is that Baidu has similar text in the suggestions for webmasters:

Create your own unique content Baidu prefers its unique original content. Therefore, if the content of your site is copied from various sources, it is likely not to be indexed by Baidu.

So how should we understand such statements about search engines?

  Unique content and original content

First of all, even if the search engine is suspected of "guiding" and "standardizing" website construction and promotion behavior patterns similar to the above statement, it is always correct to emphasize the importance of content. After all, the user searches for and accesses the real content-whether it is the corresponding information, product or service-and a webpage that opens and finds that there is no actual content in addition to the stacked keywords search engines have no value at all.

Second, the term used here focuses on "uniqueness" rather than "originality ". Strictly speaking, Unique Contents is a subset of Original content: Unique content must be Original, but the original content may not be unique-this should be well understood. For example, an original article may just repeat the ideas that others have said countless times. -- Basically, the value of content is embodied in "uniqueness". Only unique content and unique content of a website can become the motivation for users to access a website.

However, this poses a problem. Is there anything that can be called "unique" in today's fast and convenient dissemination of information?

  Confusions of unique content

From a simple literal understanding, as long as the content of the website is original, and the content includes your own views, perspectives, or even re-combination of others' views in your own language or habits, it can be viewed as unique content. From this perspective, there is no doubt about the existence of unique content.

But what about search engines? For example, if a website is not reproduced or copied to any other website during content construction, it is all original, but can it be regarded as "unique content" by search engines "?

The answer is obviously not optimistic: the website itself cannot control how other websites handle their own content. Today, "reprinting", or mean plagiarism, has become the most common means of website content construction. Taking Vista world as an example, after an article is published, soon there will be dozens or even dozens of Clone versions, so the so-called "unique" will not exist.

This situation is inevitable, and the website itself is powerless. However, the search engine does not seem to have a good way to do this. Just as we copied and reproduced before, will it affect the authority of the original web page? As discussed in the article, the accuracy of the search engine in determining the original source of the content is still far from the ideal degree. In fact, many search engines simply mark the web pages indexed and indexed as the original source, and other web pages as duplicate content, or lower the ranking or place them in the supplementary index, in fact, the time when the corresponding content appears on the Internet and the indexing time are two concepts, which are greatly different. Taking Vista world as an example, the same article often lags far behind the corresponding reprinted pages of Netease college or skynet in the search result page ranking.

  When the content is not unique, do users still have the motivation to visit the website?

Simply put, if all the content of Vista world can be seen on other websites, such as Netease college or Skynet, why do users access Vista world rather than Netease school? Relatively speaking, the content is richer.

For search engines, the same problem also exists: Why do you want to display Vista world web pages on the search results page or in the front of the page?

Of course, from the perspective of the website as a whole, as long as the website can continuously provide original content (no unique content here), it can gradually accumulate authority over time, it is possible to become an authoritative website in the same field and in the same industry. For SEO, this is the most critical. Only by gaining the trust of search engines can it be regarded as a successful SEO. At the same time, continuous original content can also encourage users (again) to visit the website. However, the establishment of website authority is more than just the scope of original (unique) content.

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