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Apple developed the cloud Synchronization Service (iCloud) for developers as early as August, and officially supported the cloud in OS X 10.7.2 released in October, one of its main functions is to store emails, calendars, contacts, Safari bookmarks, Safari reading lists, and automatically push them to other users' devices.

As for comments on iCloud, some people think that the true purpose of iCloud is to kill Windows and downgrade PC or Mac to just one device, which is no different from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, transfers users' digital life centers to the cloud.

Some people think that iCloud is a kind of "tangle" for Google and a kind of "humiliation" for Microsoft 」:

Apple's imagination of the cloud is just very close to Microsoft's imagination of the cloud.

What Microsoft was supposed to do a long time ago was one of Apple's first steps, which is a shame for Microsoft.

Google and Apple have different understandings of "Cloud": for Google, cloud computing means "cloud + web page". For Apple, cloud computing means "cloud + software 」, network-related things happen in the background.

For Apple, the significance of cloud computing is not to replace software, but to enhance software, emails, Data, songs, and other such things will be automatically synchronized to the cloud, and you can access it anytime and anywhere without backup. For Apple, the significance of cloud computing is to make the software better.

Microsoft's cloud computing slogan has always been "Software plus Services )」. In other words, the client software on the desktop is rich in variety and interactive, which is difficult to be replaced by browsers (at least currently, this is true, and Google workbooks are far inferior to Microsoft Excel ), however, cloud services can make the software more powerful.

In any case, at least one thing is certain. iCloud provides people with a cloud storage service. Today @ dachuan Wallny brings you an iCloud-related information map, showing you how to store your photos, music, and other content through iCloud and synchronize them on all devices, no data lines are required. View the image together:

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