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The contemporary web visual design from the original information stack to the later graphics, abstraction, more to today's information visualization, experienced 3 different and each other progressive process. At present, in addition to some art or personal sites, most of the other sites are accurate information transmission for the main purpose of visual design.

Information to the text, pictures, color block as the main carrier, after the choreography in the browser to show the user, which requires the majority of the site composition must be able to read the text and accurate pictures.

Like other kinds of visual design, information-oriented web site visual design needs to follow some basic art rules, using some simple and effective art means to achieve. Now let's talk about these specific methodologies.

The Proud space


Make browsing more efficient

In the full text is basically composed of words, color blocks of information, to let the user smooth browsing, easy to operate, is a worthy of hashed work, usually, many domestic designers will envy the letter as the language of the country's designers, because the web design, can use the smallest Chinese pixel font can only be 12Px of the song body, The largest pixel font is 14-18px, more than this category of pixel font, can hardly identify, or very beautiful, and the contents of the letter is not limited, can be smaller to 9Px or even 8Px can still easily distinguish, this gives the information design left a lot of room for operation,

How can we design information effectively in Chinese?

First, the color method, with grayscale color so that the font looks smaller, while the important content is dark, high purity of color, make it more appear larger. In a large section of the text or under the background to give a shallow color, can effectively enhance the readability of text, and the main text of the color of the system is generally not the default of the pure black #000, for white bottom that is a very prickly color, and easy to make space look crowded cramped.

Second, the layout method, in fact, is also the basic method of typesetting, that is, the most important large text and supporting the smallest text together, through the comparison of the distinction between each other, highlighting their own characteristics.

In addition, when the text lines, and the length is not a moment, we must think of the text as a patchwork of "line", and when the text more, in pieces to show, we can as with the line relative to the "face", keep the line and the Visual division and choreography, conducive to the allocation of space

Third, control the spacing and margins, usually, the distance between the contents of the content is greater than the distance between the content of the block, the distance between the contents of the gap is greater than the content itself, so that the content looks more compact, orderly, also make the eyes have enough rest space, not feeling crowded tired.

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