Information System Development Platform openexpressapp: opentest running environment preparation

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    • Install. Net framework4
    • Download and install ironruby
    • Run regsvr_dll to register Microsoft. visualstudio. testtools. uitest. Playback. Engine. dll.
    • Modify the program path
    • Run run. bat

In the previous ironruby series, I explained how to learn and use ironruby. After more than a week, opentest. the uitest automated testing framework is finally completed. The syntax is similar to natural language. The basic syntax is as follows. This article describes how to use opentest. uitest. prepare the runtime environment of the Ruby framework.

Open the module "department management" # Add a department, code: Test name: automated test add text edit box ("encoding"). Enter ("test") to save
Install. Net framework4

You canDownload and installIf you have installed Visual Studio 2010, skip this step.

Download and install ironruby

Ironruby is relatively small, just a few mb. We can goIronruby websiteDownload the latest installationProgramIronruby-1.0v4.msi and Installation

Run regsvr_dll to register Microsoft. visualstudio. testtools. uitest. Playback. Engine. dll.

Test: 6da215c2-d80d-42f2-a514-b44a16dcbaaa error occurs when you use automated test without vs2010. The error caused by not registering this file is described.

Modify the program path
    • $ Exepath ="D:/gzj/openexpressapp. Host. WPF/bin/debug"Changed to the actual running path
Run run. bat

Through the above settings can run, if you find it is garbled, you can refer to ironruby: ask how to correctly display UTF-8 characters in the DOS window after the execution of BAT file? Step 3 to set the font


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