Informatization solutions for Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries

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According to the informatization Key Points of small and medium enterprises, the system design of small and medium enterprises is flat. It is necessary to analyze, design, and implement the business characteristics, personnel quality, system architecture, and Information Flat of an enterprise to achieve high integration of internal logistics, capital flow, and information flow, information is highly shared within an enterprise.

1. System Architecture: business changes in small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are frequent. During the software architecture, the scalability and maintainability of the software should be fully considered. Through the flexible architecture of the software, to meet the business processing capabilities of enterprises at different stages, saving the cost of enterprise informatization. 2. flattening information: the current informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises aims to break the path of information transmission. to achieve flat information operations within an enterprise and between the enterprise and serve the high degree of data sharing for the enterprise, while flattening the information, we need to consider the integration of information resources within the enterprise, eliminate information silos within an enterprise, and unify the informatization of various resources such as material, finance, and human resources within the enterprise to effectively improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. 3. Business Process, first, you need to thoroughly investigate the existing business processes of the enterprise. the analysis process is based on the three-dimensional principles of enterprises, departments, and employees. Secondly, it targets existing business processes of enterprises. Analyzes existing business defects and serves as an optimization process. Finally, according to the characteristics of the enterprise, optimization and standardization are conducted according to certain standards. Form a set of business process Specifications suitable for the enterprise. 4. It quality of employees: due to the small scale of small and medium-sized enterprises, the company's capital is not strong. Most enterprises are still in extensive business models, and their cultural levels are generally low, in the current situation where the informatization quality of employees is inseparable, the information for small-scale manufacturing industry is flat. The degree of participation of employees will become one of the key factors that determine the success or failure of enterprise informatization, therefore, when flattening the information of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, more human-friendly elements are needed to reduce the depth of operation so as to achieve the convenience of system operation. It truly serves the enterprise and its employees. Summary

When flattening information in small and medium manufacturing industries, you must consider internal business process factors, employee quality factors, system architecture factors, and high information sharing factors, the SOA-based architecture is used to integrate enterprise information resources in a highly unified manner from the perspectives of data, system, and content, effectively flattening the information of small and medium enterprises, information resources serve enterprises.

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