Inherit CWnd self-portrait button

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Header file:

Header file #pragma once//clhsbutton#define mywm_btn_click wm_user+3001//Close button Click Response//tab button status enum buttonstate{Btn_stat E_nor = 0, Btn_state_down = 1,};class clhsbutton:public cwnd{declare_dynamic (Clhsbutton) pub    Lic:clhsbutton ();     Virtual ~clhsbutton (); BOOL Create (cwnd* pparent,crect rc,cstring text,dword id = 0,dword style = ws_visible|      WS_CHILD);      Declare_message_map () public:protected:CString szclassname;        BOOL M_ismousehover;        Whether the mouse is suspended bool m_ismouseclicked;        Whether the mouse clicks CString m_strshowtext;            The text to be displayed image* M_pimgnor;            Normal when the picture image* M_pimghot;            Mouse hover when the picture image* M_pimgdown;    Click the picture when pressed void postclickevent ();    afx_msg int OnCreate (lpcreatestruct lpcreatestruct);      afx_msg void OnMouseMove (UINT nflags, CPoint point);      afx_msg void Onmousehover (UINT nflags, CPoint point); Afx_msg void OnMouseLeave ();      afx_msg void OnLButtonDown (UINT nflags, CPoint point);      afx_msg void OnLButtonUp (UINT nflags, CPoint point);      afx_msg BOOL OnEraseBkgnd (cdc* PDC);      afx_msg void OnPaint ();        afx_msg void OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy); Virtual BOOL PreTranslateMessage (msg* pMsg);p ublic:void settabstate (buttonstate state) {m_btnstate = state;    Invalidate ();}    Set tab State ButtonState Gettabstate () {return m_btnstate;}    void Settooltiptext (CString sptext, BOOL bActivate = TRUE);        void Loadbtnimg (LPCTSTR ttype, uint nnorid, uint nhotid, uint ndownid);                            Load button picture Private:buttonstate m_btnstate;    The State of the tab ctooltipctrl* M_ptooltip; CString m_tooltext;public:afx_msg hbrush OnCtlColor (cdc* PDC, cwnd* pWnd, UINT nctlcolor);};/ /source File//CLhsButton.cpp: Implement File//#include "stdafx.h" #include ". /lander_mini.h "#include" memdc.h "#include". /utility.h "#include" LhsButton.h "//Clhsbuttonimplement_dynamic (ClhsbuttOn, CWnd) Clhsbutton::clhsbutton () {m_ismousehover = false;      m_ismouseclicked = false;     Register Control class Szclassname = AfxRegisterWndClass (0);    M_pimgnor = NULL;    M_pimghot = NULL;    M_pimgdown = NULL;    M_btnstate = Btn_state_nor;    M_ptooltip = NULL;    }clhsbutton::~clhsbutton () {safe_release (m_ptooltip);    Safe_release (M_pimgnor);    Safe_release (M_pimghot); Safe_release (M_pimgdown);}       Begin_message_map (Clhsbutton, CWnd) on_wm_mousemove () On_wm_mousehover ()//This message system will not send us on_wm_mouseleave () On_wm_lbuttondown () On_wm_lbuttonup () On_wm_paint () on_wm_size () On_wm_erasebkgnd () On_wm_cre ATE () On_wm_ctlcolor () End_message_map ()//Clhsbutton Message handler bool Clhsbutton::create (cwnd* pparent,crect rc,CString t Ext,dword ID/* = 0 */,dword Style/* = ws_visible|    Ws_child */) {//Dynamically create control BOOL ret = Cwnd::createex (0, Szclassname, text, style, RC, pparent, id); return ret?  True:false; } int Clhsbutton::oncreatE (lpcreatestruct lpcreatestruct) {//::setwindowlong (m_hwnd, Gwl_exstyle, GetWindowLong (m_hWnd, GWL_EXSTYLE) ^ WS_EX        _layered);    ModifyStyle (ws_clipchildren, 0);    ModifyStyle (0, Ws_clipchildren, 0); return 0;}      void Clhsbutton::P ostclickevent () {///This function is used to send a click message to the parent window cwnd* parent = GetParent ();      if (parent) parent->sendmessage (Mywm_btn_click, 0,0);  } void Clhsbutton::onmousehover (UINT nflags, CPoint point) {//mouse enters Invalidate ();          } void Clhsbutton::onmousemove (UINT nflags, CPoint point) {//handles only when the mouse first enters the case if (!m_ismousehover) {          M_ismousehover = true; TrackMouseEvent evt = {sizeof (EVT), tme_leave|          Tme_hover, m_hwnd, 0};          TrackMouseEvent (&EVT);      Onmousehover (0,cpoint ());      }}void Clhsbutton::onmouseleave () {//mouse left m_ismousehover = false;      m_ismouseclicked = false;  Invalidate (); } void Clhsbutton::onlbuttondown (UINT nflags, CPoint point) {//Mouse Press m_ismouseclicked = true;  Invalidate (); } void Clhsbutton::onlbuttonup (UINT nflags, CPoint point) {//Mouse release if (m_ismouseclicked) {m_ism          ouseclicked = false;         Invalidate ();      Postclickevent ();    }} BOOL Clhsbutton::onerasebkgnd (cdc* PDC) {//return CWND::ONERASEBKGND (PDC);    return TRUE;       Prevents the erase background from blinking} void Clhsbutton::onpaint () {CPAINTDC DC (this);      CRect RC;         GetClientRect (&RC);    Dual cache is used to prevent flicker CMemDC MEMDC (&dc,&rc,true);    Graphics graphic (MEMDC);          if (!m_pimgnor | |!m_pimghot | |!m_pimgdown) {//Do not provide button picture to brush under background//brush background COLORREF Bkgnd = RGB (100,0,0);              if (m_ismousehover) {if (m_ismouseclicked) Bkgnd = RGB (250,0,0);          else Bkgnd = RGB (180,0,0); } MEMDC.      Fillsolidrect (&RC,BKGND); } if (m_ismouseclicked | | m_btnstate = = btn_state_down) {//Click on a certain picture click state        Graphic.    DrawImage (m_pimgdown, 0, 0, m_pimgdown->getwidth (), M_pimgdown->getheight ()); } else if (M_ismousehover &&!m_ismouseclicked) {//suspension, but no click graphic.            DrawImage (m_pimghot, 0, 0, m_pimghot->getwidth (), M_pimghot->getheight ()); } else {graphic.        DrawImage (m_pimgnor, 0, 0, m_pimgnor->getwidth (), M_pimgnor->getheight ()); }//Make drawing effective graphic.                RELEASEHDC (MEMDC);         } BOOL Clhsbutton::P retranslatemessage (msg* pMsg) {if (M_ptooltip) {if (:: IsWindow (M_ptooltip->m_hwnd))                {m_ptooltip->relayevent (PMSG); }} return CWnd::P retranslatemessage (PMSG);}    void Clhsbutton::onsize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy) {}void clhsbutton::settooltiptext (CString sptext, BOOL bActivate) {        if (M_ptooltip = = NULL) {m_ptooltip = new CToolTipCtrl;        Create ToolTip Control m_ptooltip->create (this); M_ptooltip->actiVate (TRUE);    } m_tooltext = Sptext;         If there is no ToolTip defined then add it if (m_ptooltip->gettoolcount () = = 0) {CRect rectbtn;        GetClientRect (RECTBTN);    M_ptooltip->addtool (This, M_tooltext, RECTBTN, 1);    }//Set text for ToolTip m_ptooltip->updatetiptext (M_tooltext, this, 1);    M_ptooltip->setdelaytime (2000); M_ptooltip->activate (bActivate);} Hbrush Clhsbutton::onctlcolor (cdc* PDC, cwnd* pWnd, UINT nctlcolor) {hbrush HBR = Cwnd::onctlcolor (PDC, PWnd, nCtlColor    ); TODO: Change any properties of DC here//TODO: If the default is not the desired brush, return another brush return HBR;} Load button picture void Clhsbutton::loadbtnimg (LPCTSTR ttype, uint nnorid, uint nhotid, uint ndownid) {M_pimgnor = Cqyutility::loa    Dimgfromres (_t ("PNG"), Nnorid);    M_pimghot = Cqyutility::loadimgfromres (_t ("PNG"), Nhotid);    M_pimgdown = Cqyutility::loadimgfromres (_t ("PNG"), Ndownid); }

Memory DC

<pre name= "code" class= "CPP" > #ifndef _memdc_h_#define _memdc_h_/////////////////////////////////////////////        Cmemdc-memory Dc//class cmemdc:public CDC {private:cbitmap m_bitmap;    offscreen bitmap cbitmap* M_oldbitmap;            Bitmap originally found in CMemDC cdc* M_PDC;            Saves CDC passed in constructor CRect M_rect;    Rectangle of drawing area.        BOOL M_BMEMDC;         TRUE If CDC really is a Memory DC.public:void Build (cdc* PDC) {ASSERT (PDC! = NULL);        M_PDC = PDC;        M_oldbitmap = NULL;        M_BMEMDC =!pdc->isprinting ();            if (M_BMEMDC) {CreateCompatibleDC (PDC);            PDC-&GT;LPTODP (&m_rect); M_bitmap. CreateCompatibleBitmap (PDC, M_rect. Width (), M_rect.            Height ());                        M_oldbitmap = SelectObject (&m_bitmap);            Setmapmode (Pdc->getmapmode ()); Pdc->dptolp(&m_rect);        SetWindowOrg (M_rect.left,;            } else {m_bprinting = pdc->m_bprinting;            M_HDC = pdc->m_hdc;        M_HATTRIBDC = pdc->m_hattribdc;    } fillsolidrect (M_rect, Pdc->getbkcolor ());         } CMEMDC (cdc* PDC, const crect* prect = NULL, BOOL bBg = FALSE): CDC () {ASSERT (PDC! = null);        Some initialization M_PDC = PDC;        M_oldbitmap = NULL;        M_BMEMDC =!pdc->isprinting ();        Get the rectangle to draw if (prect = = NULL) {pdc->getclipbox (&m_rect);        } else {m_rect = *prect;            } if (M_BMEMDC) {//Create a Memory DC CreateCompatibleDC (PDC);            PDC-&GT;LPTODP (&m_rect); M_bitmap. CreateCompatibleBitmap (PDC, M_rect. Width (), M_rect.            Height ());            M_oldbitmap = SelectObject (&m_bitmap);   Setmapmode (Pdc->getmapmode ());         SetWindowExt (Pdc->getwindowext ());            SetViewportExt (Pdc->getviewportext ());            Pdc->dptolp (&m_rect);        SetWindowOrg (M_rect.left,; } else {//Make a copy of the relevent parts of the current DC for printing m_bprinting = Pdc->m            _bprinting;            M_HDC = pdc->m_hdc;        M_HATTRIBDC = pdc->m_hattribdc; }//Fill background if (bBg) BitBlt (M_rect.left,, M_rect. Width (), M_rect.        Height (), M_PDC, M_rect.left,, srccopy);    else Fillsolidrect (M_rect, Pdc->getbkcolor ());            } ~CMEMDC () {if (M_BMEMDC) {//Copy the offscreen bitmap onto the screen. M_pdc->bitblt (M_rect.left,, M_rect. Width (), M_rect.                                    Height (), this, M_rect.left,, srccopy); Swap back the original bitmap.           SelectObject (M_OLDBITMAP); } else {//All we need to do are replace the DC with a illegal value,//This keeps us from Acciden                        tly Deleting the handles associated with//the CDC is passed to the constructor.        M_HDC = M_HATTRIBDC = NULL;    }}//Allow usage as a pointer cmemdc* operator-> () {return this;    }//Allow usage as a pointer operator cmemdc* () {return this;       } CMEMDC (hdc hdc): CDC () {cdc::fromhandle (hdc)->getclipbox (&m_rect);   Build (Cdc::fromhandle (HDC)); }}; #endif

Call Method:

Use the example rect rc = {0, 0, +-};    M_btnclose.loadbtnimg (_t ("PNG"), Idb_png_tab_close_nor, idb_png_tab_close_hot,idb_png_tab_close_hot);    M_btnclose.create (this, RC, L "", id_btn_mytab_close);            M_btnclose.settooltiptext (_t ("Off"));         

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Inherit CWnd self-portrait button

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