Initial Yaf framework experience

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The Yaf framework has been learning the Yaf framework of laruence for the past two days. here, I will post some learning materials and try it out. I will take a closer look at the required materials.

1. download the yaf code from github:

2. install as the yaf manual guide:

3. add extension = yaf. so in php. ini in linux

4. copy the php_yaf.dll in ext directory of PHP and add extension = php_yaf.dll in windows

5. restart your web server

One experience is that the framework written with extensions is a bit invisible compared to other frameworks written with PHP, but it is equivalent to being internalized into the language. Although php-yaf-doc has been downloaded and functions can be completed in the editor, the source code of the function cannot be seen because it is developed using extensions, so I only learned some basic common usage in the learning manual, and I will study it again when necessary.

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