Initialize the configuration after installing Maximo

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This document describes how to configure the maximo system after an empty database is installed.

Change after installation

1. after the installation is complete, log on to the system using maxadmin. First, authorize the Administrator in the permission group for the application. The system only grants the permissions of several applications, such as database configuration, to the Administrator group, in this case, all permissions of all the remaining programs should be granted to the Administrator group (which can be set as needed ). Note "quick Insert", "favorite Applications", "bulletin board", and "inbox/task Settings ", do not grant the "Hide Portlet" permission to the "Key Performance Indicators", "key performance indicator graphic Settings", and "result set" applications, otherwise, the application will not be visible when the startup center is configured later. (Service needs to be restarted)
2. Create a launch center template. You can configure a new template based on the seven content mentioned above, and enter the permission group assignment launch center template. After logging on again, click "Update startup center"
3. Create an inventory project set and a company set. (Go to-> organization-> set). When you select "ITEM" for "type" when creating a row, do not add the company to "company template" automatically ".
4. go to database configuration (go to-> Configuration-> database configuration), select "general ledger account configuration" in the selection operation, configure "general ledger accounts", and stop the application service, execute configdb.

5. Go to the currency code application and create a currency in RMB-CNY.

6. Create an organizational unit. The "currently calculated subject" and "valid" fields are not filled.


7. In the "kickoff" program, select "general ledger component maintenance" in the operation to maintain the ledger component. Click "New Line" to create a temporary account for the Organization.


8. Enter the organization created in the previous step, add the "temporary account" and "valid" fields, and make the location valid.

9. Go to the "user" application and specify the default Insertion Location, repository location, and language for maxadmin.

10. Go to the "category" application and disable general ledger verification ("subject"-> Verification option change ).

11. Change the tax code to 17 (in organization> purchase> tax option.

12. You can complete the initialization configuration of the system through the above steps.

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