Initiating a Netcore technology alliance to promote the application of Netcore technology

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First, Introduction

1, starting from more than 10 years ago net, to two years ago to turn to Java, to the end of last found Netcore2 this gadget, henceforth determined to become the netcore of the following.

2, the intention promotes the Netcore application, gathers some people to study together, reduces the technical use cost.

3, intends to launch a Netcore Technology Alliance, aims to jointly promote the landing of technology, common precipitation of public code.

Ii. mechanism of operation

1, from the project to extract the public code, precipitated into the existing framework.

2. Build technical standard of each layer of frame.

3. Apply the framework results to the project and save the project cost.

Iii. conditions of the Allies

1, with technical decision-making power, can determine the company's technical line.

2, firmly support the Netcore technical route.

3, hot in the contribution.

Have the condition to play together students please q I private chat, qq:125948838.

With a better relationship with the leadership of the students, can also help send to your leaders to see.

Initiating a Netcore technology alliance to promote the application of Netcore technology

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