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In the browser input is unable to enter the router option, the following first analyzes the causes of this problem and various solutions.

Analysis of the reasons for not opening

Reason one, default URL

General routers, access to the Router option URL is, this is the default, but some routers are not, may be or other. And this URL is not fixed.

Please note the following points:

1, check the router instructions, router options, the default URL and account password instructions are on the instructions.

2, the input URL format to be correct, simply enter the default URL in the browser (such as: can be, do not need to enter any other characters.

Reason two, user name or account error

Enter the account password is not correct, divided into the following:

1, the default account password entered the wrong.

2, the default account password has been changed.

Reason three, restricted landing router

In some cases, even if you enter the correct account password can not go in, because in the router to set permissions, only some computers can log on to the router option.

The following figure, I this router, set is only two computers can log on

Reason four, the router runs for a long time

Sometimes the router runs too long, even if the URL input correctly, the account password is also correct, may also appear router can not log in.

How to Solve

Step one, landing site

First of all to find out what the router landing site is, has been changed, here needs to be explained, even if the router default landing site is, you can also in the router to change this to other URLs.

So if someone else has changed the site, then of course it won't be able to log in.

If the computer can surf the Internet, you can view the login URL in the network status.

Step two, the router input URL is correct flag

Enter the URL of the router option is the correct sign is that the URL if entered correctly, will pop-up dialog box, enter the account number and password.

Step three, for the URL or password incorrect handling methods

If the URL is not entered correctly, or the password is not always correct, you can do the following:

(1) Ask the person who modified the router's password.

(2) The factory router, let the account password restore default. Refer to the Router manual, the general is to break off the router power supply, with toothpicks or other sharp things hold down the Reset key 5 seconds on it.

Before initializing, pay attention to backup broadband Internet account and password!

Initialization solves the problem of the router option because of human limitations.

Step four, the router does not automatically allocate IP

If there is no page to enter account password at all, it may be that routers do not dynamically allocate IP, then you need to manually enter IP, or open DHCP service in other computer settings that can enter The following DNS is different according to the network service provider, searches on the internet. If not, you can fill in telecommunications, or can be.

Step five, Router Options page not in

Account password is correct, but still can't get into the router option, you can unplug the router power, and then open again, may be due to the long running time of the router caused.

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