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In the past, horizontal scrolling was considered bad, but now in web design it has been used as a unique method (usually for presentation), and it seems that in most cases it is actually implemented in a clever way. Horizontal scrolling does not apply to all situations, but once handled properly, it will make a website stand out from the crowd, and after reading these examples, you will see how it implements the interesting interface.

Here's a web-teaching network that collates 12 horizontal scrolling web design to inspire your inspiration. Perhaps this style fits your point of view, it can make your site eye-catching.

1.) Vanty Claire

2.) We Shoot bottels

3.) Artist in

4.) Lucama

5.) Graphic Evidence

6.) Carrot Creative

7.) Lomotek

8.) Maurivan Luiz

9.) Stephane Tartelin

Ifekt )

One.) sockho

) Zuba Dupa

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