Install a wireless network adapter on DebianEtch

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Install the wireless network adapter-Linux Release Technology-Debian information on DebianEtch. For more information, see the following. It is very convenient to install the Intel® Wireless Network Card On Debian Etch. You do not need to edit the kernel or driver. I have installed it on both Asus and HP laptops!

The Asus Notebook is from the Chinese version and the wireless module is 2200BG. Install Debian Etch r1 first. I use netinst. After installation, only the most basic system is installed. The kernel version is 2.6.18-5. Then use apt-get to directly install the wireless module:

Apt-get install ipw2200-modules-2.6.18-5-686

You also need to download a firmware from the producer.

Edit/etc/network/interfaces, and add it in the same way as eth0:

Allow hotplug eth1
Iface eth1 inet dhcp

The Wireless ap I set does not have a password. After the system is restarted, the wireless network adapter automatically obtains the IP address, and the Internet access is normal.

The wireless module of the HP notebook is 3945ABG. The basic debian system is also installed first, and then the wireless module is directly installed:

Apt-get install ipw3945-modules-2.6.18-5-686 ipw3945d firmware-ipw3945

No manual download is required for firmware. edit/etc/network/interfaces. Same as above. There is a small problem after restart, and no ip address is automatically obtained, therefore, manually add wireless-essid "xxx" to/etc/network/interfaces. xxx is the name of the wireless network, and everything works after restart.

Installation essentials:
Use iwconfig to view the wireless network card configuration. To use the 2100 and 2200 CIOs, You need to download the firmware to run properly. Use uname-r to view the kernel version, note that the version of the wireless module must be the same as that of the kernel during apt-get.
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