Install and configure doxygen + graphviz in Windows (illustration)

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Check some open-source code that is often bypassed by the call relationship of some functions. After checking the information on the Internet, I found this useful method and shared with you the installation and application process.

I often use windows, so I will mainly explain the related content in windows.

To use doxygen to generate a beautiful call relationship diagram, you must install the graphviz software. To generate CHM documents through HTML, you must use the htmlhelp software, I want to explain the relationship between the three. Oh, as for what doxygen does, generate HTML documents or other format document software.


First download the three software, download the installation package under windows,

The address is as follows:

Doxygen: I use the latest version

Graphviz: remember to select the version under Windows yo "stable and development
Windows install packages"




Install graphviz first, and install doxygen again. There is nothing to install. It will be OK all the way to next.


The following explains how to use

The steps and basic interfaces for running doxygen are as follows,


After the preceding steps are completed, the corresponding HTML document page has been generated. If you do not need the CHM document, you do not need to read it. Please try again.



Doxygen Chinese garbled problem:

The settings are as follows:

Expert tab-> Project:

Doxyfile_encoding: UTF-8

Output_language: Chinese

Expert tab-> input:

Input_encoding: gb2312

In this way, documents containing Chinese characters can be correctly generated.



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