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The company used Wsus 2.0 before, and the system automatically updated to version 3.0 after Wsus3.0 came out some time ago. To adjust the server a few days ago, you need to reinstall the Wsus server to another server. You can just try Wsus3.0 completely.


First download the Wsus 3.0 installation file. The Simplified Chinese version is provided here, and the speed is good,


The downloaded Installation File is named wsus3setupx86.exe. The server of Wsus 3.0 must be installed on an operating system later than Windows 2003 SP1, and must have IIS 6.0, Windows Installer 3.1, Microsoft. Net Framework 2.0, and BITS 5.1. If your operating system is Windows 2003 or above and all are installed with the above components, you can start the Wsus 3.0 installation process.


1. Double-click the Wsus 3.0 installation program, which is initially a decompression process

2. After decompression, a welcome dialog box will pop up and click "Next"

3. Enter the installation mode selection dialog box. An important new feature of Wsus 3.0 is to support separate installation of server programs from the Management Console. Here you can select the first option to install both the server program and the management console. Of course, you can also select the first option to install only the server, and then install the Management Console on any machine in the LAN. Select the first item and click "Next ".
4. A dialog box is displayed, but the wait time is very short. If you still want to install Wsus 3.0, click "cancel.

5. If you do not click Cancel in the previous step, the "License Agreement" dialog box will be displayed. Of course, you must select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and "Next"

6. then a prompt dialog box is displayed, "Use the components required to manage the UI", prompting that the "Mircrosoft Report viewer 2005 Redistributable" component is not installed on my computer, but it does not matter, you can install this component separately after Wsus 3.0 is installed. Click "Next "!

7. In the "select update source" dialog box, "Local Storage Update" determines whether to download the update package to the hard disk of the local server for the client to download and install, or to allow the client to directly download the package to the Microsoft Server. Here, of course, we chose "Local Storage Update". Here we can say the benefit of a local storage. If there are other machines in your lan that cannot access the Internet, you are sure to choose this option, however, if you select this option, the storage disk must be in NTFS format and have sufficient space. Click Browse to select the storage path and click Next ".
8. go to "Database options" and specify the data storage location of Wsus 3.0. If other SQL 2005 database servers are installed in your LAN, you can select the third or first item. Otherwise, select the first item, here I select the first option, but do not change the database program installation location to d disk, and next step.

9. go to the "website selection" dialog box. If there are other websites installed on your server, select the second one. Otherwise, there will be a conflict, but now there are no other websites on my server, so select the default first item. And "Next ". If option 2 is selected, an IIS Site is created on the server and the port is 8530.

10. In the "prepare to install Wsus 3.0" dialog box, the settings in the above steps are displayed. You can check the settings. If there is no problem, click "Next" to start the installation.

11. Go to the "installing" dialog box. Wait patiently for a while. Of course, you can download the "Mircrosoft Report viewer 2005 Redistributable" mentioned above to facilitate subsequent installation.

12. Wait about 7-8 minutes until the installation is complete. Click "finish ".


1. After the installation is complete, the "Wsus 3.0 Configuration Wizard" is automatically displayed. No configuration items are available here. click Next.

2. In the "Join Mircrosoft Update Improvement Plan" dialog box, I did not select "yes, I want to join Mircosoft Update Improvement Plan ". I am worried that all the company uses Windows XP (dashboard). Here we will collect so much information to Microsoft. Will Microsoft send a letter of attorney to the company. "Next ".

3. go to the "select <upstream Server>" dialog box, and select default here. If another Wsus server already exists in your Lan, you can also select the second one, synchronize updates to a Wsus server. However, you must set the server name and port number of another Wsus server. Click "Next" after setting ".
4. Enter the "specify Proxy Server" dialog box. If your server accesses the Internet through proxy, you need to set proxy parameters here. If the server can access the Internet directly, you can directly "Next" without any settings ".

5. In the "connect to upstream server" dialog box, click "Start connection" to test whether the connection is established with the upstream server and download some information. The connection takes a long time. After a few minutes, the download is successful. "Next ".

6. go to the "Select language" dialog box and select the update and download language. Here, you can select "simplified Chinese" or "Traditional Chinese" based on the language type of your server and client operating system ". And click Next.
7. In the "Select Product" dialog box, specify the product to be updated, such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Office 2003, and SQL 2000. Select and click "Next ".

8. Go to the "select category" dialog box and select "Update category". Here I select "Service pack", "Security Update Program", and "Key Update Program. Click "Next ".

9. In the "set synchronization plan" dialog box, select automatic synchronization and set the synchronization cycle and time. Click "Next ".

10. In the "finish" dialog box, complete the Initial Configuration Wizard of the server. Click "start initial synchronization" here because it is time-consuming. Click Finish.


1. After the Configuration Wizard is complete, the first time you enter the management console, a dialog box for adding a Management Unit will appear.

2. After the addition is complete, the main interface of the Management Console is displayed.

3. this interface has been greatly improved with Wsus 2.0, and the features are really strong. We can use this interface to view the update type, all computers, downstream servers, synchronization, and options, first, let's look at the above "options ". After the Configuration Wizard is complete, most of the options here do not need to be configured. Configurable options include.

4. Here let's take a look at the "Automatic approval" option. The updates synchronously downloaded from upstream WSUS must be approved before they can be deployed to the client for installation. Automatic approval does not require us to view every update, and then the updates are approved one by one. On the "approval rules" tab, the "Default automatic approval rules" tab displays the conditions under which automatic approval will be performed. You can click the underlined option to edit the rule, and then "run the rule ." The system will prompt whether to save it. After saving it, the system will automatically approve it according to this default rule. You can also delete or create a rule. The "advanced" tab does not need to be set by default.
5. In Wsus 3.0, you can also use the "server Cleanup Wizard" to clean up the update files on the server. This function is not available in Wsus 2.0.

6. Click synchronization in the tree menu on the left. The synchronization page is displayed as follows. The synchronization history is displayed on the center, and the synchronization details are shown below. Click "Synchronize now" in the "operation" column on the Right To download updates from the upstream Update Server immediately.

7. view the report. Click "report" in the left-side tool menu bar. Various update reports and computer reports that we can view are displayed, but the reports are displayed, the Mircrosoft Report viewer 2005 Redistributable component must be installed. You have already installed the "Mircrosoft Report viewer 2005 Redistributable" component during the previous installation process. You only need to download "Mircrosoft Report viewer 2005 Redistributable" for installation. (: Http:// ReportViewerr installation is very simple.

8. After installing ReportViewer, click the report you want to view to display the report project.


Wsus 3.0 is much more powerful than 2.0, and simplifies many operations. I believe you can use it to update the system within the enterprise.

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