Install and configure Python web open-source framework Django

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2.5 install Django
2.5.1 decompress twice to get the folder Django-0.96.1. Put this folder in your development directory. It is recommended that you do not place it on the desktop. It is best to place it in a directory such as D: \ Dev \. Note that the folder name should be in English and there should be no spaces.
2.5.2 enter the directory at the command prompt and enter: cd d: \ Dev \ Django-0.96.1
Run Python setup. py install.
(At this time, the screen will scroll and display a lot of things. You can't see it clearly)
2.5.3 perform a simple test first.
At the command prompt, enter: Python
Enter import Django
Enter Django. Version
What I see is:
>>> Import Django
>>> Django. Version (0, 96.099999999999994, none)
2.5.4 set the environment variable (add ../python2.5.1 \ Lib \ Site-packages \ Django \ bin to the path environment variable)
2.6 create and test a Django Project
C: \ django_src> CD \
C: \> mkdir Django
C: \> Cd Django
C: \ Django> startproject testdemo

C: \ Django> Cd testdomo

After running manage. py runserver, enter http: // 8000/in the address bar of the browser/

If the preceding figure is displayed, the installation is successful.

Eclipse Django Development Project

Django Project Development

1. Create a pydev Project

Eclipse IDE-"file-" new-"Other-" pydev-"select the path from" pydev project-"to" project name (for example, demo)-", such as E: \ work-> select the Python version that suits you (my version is 2.5)-> remove the following check box, do not create the SRC file-> finish

2. Create a Django Project

(1) startproject demo.

(2) copy the generated Django project directory to the directory of the project just created in eclipse. Return to elicpse ide. In the pydev package view, right-click the new project and select "refresh" from the pop-up menu to view the Django project. You can right-click the menu to add or delete files and directories.

(3) Right-click pydev project-> properties-> select pydev-> pythonpath-> Add the src directory (project file path) to the project code-> OK

Do not copy it here. After installing Django, reconfigure python in eclipse, and then directly create the djangoproject.
(4) configure the pydev project: select the project name of pydev-run menu-open run dialog-Python run-right-click New-and write the project name in the main panel, load the project name and main module through browse, and select Manage for main module. py-> In the augement panel, the argument must be runserver -- noreload, and the following workingdirectory must be added to your base directory.

After finishing the job, start writing the Django application.

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