Install and optimize Mysql in Linux

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Install and optimize Mysql in Linux
System Environment: CentOS 6.5
Mysql version: mysql-5.6.19.tar.gz
Software upload path:/doiido/soft

1. Install Mysql
1: Firewall opens the corresponding port
#/Sbin/iptables-I INPUT-p tcp -- dport 3306-j ACCEPT
#/Etc/rc. d/init. d/iptables save

2: Install related dependency packages
# Yum-y install gcc-c ++ ncurses-devel openssl-devel cmake perl lsof bison

3: delete the mysql
# Rpm-qa | grep mysql
# Rpm-e -- allmatches -- nodeps mysql-libs-5.1.71-1.el6.x86_64

4. Create related directories
# Mkdir/doiido/soft
# Mkdir-p/doiido/mysql/data/

5. Create a mysql user
#/Usr/sbin/groupadd mysql
#/Usr/sbin/useradd-s/sbin/nologin-M-g mysql
# Chown-R mysql: mysql/doiido/mysql/

6. Install mysql
# Cd/doiido/soft
# Tar-zxvf mysql-5.6.19.tar.gz
# Cd mysql-5.6.19
# Cmake-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX =/doiido/server/mysql-DMYSQL_DATADIR =/doiido/mysql/data-encoding = 1-runtime = 1-runtime = 1-DSYSCONFDIR =/etc/-DWITH_SSL = yes-DDEFAULT_CHARSET = utf8-DDEFAULT_COLLATION = utf8_general_ci-DWITH_READLINE = on
# Make & make install

7. Modify related directory permissions and create a soft connection
# Chmod + w/doiido/server/mysql
# Chown-R mysql: mysql/doiido/server/mysql/
# Ln-s/doiido/server/mysql/lib */usr/lib/
# Ln-s/doiido/server/mysql/bin/mysql/usr/bin

8. modify the configuration file.
# Cp/doiido/server/mysql/support-files/my-default.cnf/etc/my. cnf
# Vi/etc/my. cnf
Character-set-server = utf8
Default-storage-engine = MyISAM
Basedir =/doiido/server/mysql
Datadir =/doiido/mysql/data
Log-error =/doiido/mysql/mysql_error.log
Pid-file =/doiido/mysql. pid
Max_allowed_packet = 32 M
Explicit_defaults_for_timestamp = true

9. Install the mysql database.
#/Doiido/server/mysql/scripts/mysql_install_db -- basedir =/doiido/server/mysql -- datadir =/doiido/mysql/data -- user = mysql

10: Set mysql to automatically start the service
# Cp/doiido/server/mysql/support-files/mysql. server/etc/init. d/mysqld
# Chkconfig -- add mysqld
# Chkconfig -- level 345 mysqld on

11. Modify the mysqld file and start mysql
# Vi/etc/init. d/mysqld
# Modify the following two items in the mysqld File
Basedir =/doiido/server/mysql
Datadir =/doiido/mysql/data

# Service mysqld start

Ii. mysql Optimization
Software Version
Libunwind: libunwind-1.1.tar.gz
Google-perftools: gperftools-2.2.tar.gz

1: Install libunwind (based on 64-bit)
# Cd/doiido/soft
# Tar zxvf libunwind-1.1.tar.gz
# Cd libunwind-1.1
# CFLAGS =-fPIC./configure
# Make CFLAGS =-fPIC
# Make CFLAGS =-fPIC install

2: Install google-perftools:
# Cd/doiido/soft
# Tar zxvf gperftools-2.2.tar.gz
# Cd gperftools-2.2/
# Make & make install
# Echo "/usr/local/lib">/etc/ld. so. conf. d/usr_local_lib.conf

3: Modify the MySQL STARTUP script (depending on the MySQL installation location ):
# Vi/doiido/server/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe
Add the following to # executing mysqld_safe:

Export LD_PRELOAD =/usr/local/lib/libtcmalloc. so

# Service mysqld restart

4: Check whether tcmalloc is effective:
#/Usr/sbin/lsof-n | grep tcmalloc
If the following information is found, tcmalloc has taken effect:

Mysqld 11227 mysql mem REG 2171746 18287/usr/local/lib/libtcmalloc. so.4.1.2

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