Install and use SQLRelay in the PHP database connection pool

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PHP database connection pool SQLRelay installation use from:

SQL Relay follows the instructions on its official website a powerful database connection management solution.

In other words, SQL Relay is an open source database pool to connect to the proxy server.

Currently, SQL Relay supports many databases:

SQL Relay supportsOracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP/Sybase, IBM DB2, Informix, Firebird and SQLiteDatabases directly, using the native client API's for those databases.
Support is provided for Microsoft SQL Server viaFreeTDSAPI.

The supported APIs are also very rich.

Guides: C ++, C, C #, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, TCL, Erlang, node. js
References: C ++, C, C #, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, TCL, node. js,

I will explain how to use the connection pool in the Linux + PHP + FreeDTS environment. In fact, PHP-> SQL Relay-> FreeDTS-> database architecture.

The following describes how to install and use

1. install rudiments first

We recommend that you install the new version whenever possible. an error may occur in the old version.

# Wget
# Tar xvzf rudiments-0.54.tar.gz
# Cd rudients-0.54
#./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/rudiments
# Make & make install

2. install sqlrelay again.

# Wget
# Tar vxzf sqlrelay-0.64.tar.gz
# Cd sqlrelay-0.64
#. /Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/sqlrelay -- with-rudiments-prefix =/usr/local/rudiments -- with-freetds-prefix =/usr/local/freetds --- php-prefix =/usr/local/php

# Make & make install

3. modify the php configuration file

# Vim/usr/local/php/lib/php. ini
Add extension

extension =""
Note: You need to confirm that phpinfo

4. modify freeDTS configuration

FreeDTS installation reference this article:

Modify the configuration file FreeTDS. conf of freetds.
# Vim/usr/local/freetds/etc/freetds. conf

Add the following content

[msdetest]host = =1433tds version = 7.0client charset = UTF-8
Otherwise, Chinese characters are garbled and the corresponding encoding type GB2312 is required.

5. modify the SQL Relay configuration file

# Cd/usr/local/sqlrelay/etc/
# Cp sqlrelay. conf. example sqlrelay. conf
# Vim sqlrelay. conf

The configuration is very easy to understand.


6. start SQL Replay

# Export PATH = $ PATH:/usr/local/sqlrelay/bin

# Sqlr-start-id msde

Is started successfully. if the configuration is incorrect, the system will prompt that the database cannot be connected.

SQL tools

# Sqlrsh-id msde

7. use the connection pool in php


The front-end webpage retrieves data from the connection pool

SQL Relay PHP function API



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