Install asp + php + mysql + jsp + xsl + xml in win2k

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I believe this comprehensive installation instruction is helpful to you. My operating system: sws2000pro version of the required software: 1? 4. php-4.0.0-Win325.mysql-3.23.36-win6.DBTools-Manager-1.0.

I believe this comprehensive installation instruction is helpful to you. My operating system: required software for ipvsws 2000 Pro: 1. IIS 5.0 22.16jdk-1_2_2-win.exe 4. php-4.0.0-Win32 5. mysql-3.23.36-win 6. DBTools-Manager-1.0.8 7. gyxml 8. java API for XML Parsing 1.0.1 9. mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre5.tar installation method: (first install IIS 2000 in ipvsws 5.0 Pro) I. install JDK, double hit jdk-1_2_2-win.exe file for installation, use the default configuration for installation, JDK's default installation directory is D: jdk1.2.2, the default installation directory of JRE is D: Program files0000oftjre1.2; ②. Start by updating environment variables-> Settings-> Control Panel-> System-> Advanced-> Environment variable-> append CLASSPATH: d: jdk1.2.2libools to the system variable. jar; d: jdk1.2.2libdt. jar; c: mm. mysql. jdbc-2.0pre5; cmm. mysql. jdbc-2.0pre5mysql_1_comp.jar; append PATH: d: jdk1.2.2; d: jdk1.2.2in; 2. install Tomcat unzip, use winzipto decompress to D: jakarta-tomcat directory ②, enter D: jakarta-tomcatin Directory, find startup. bat batch file, open and edit row: add the following four lines after start: SET TOMCAT_HOME = d: jakarta-tomcat SET JAVA_HOME = d: jdk1.2.2 set classpath = d: jdk1.2.2libdt. jar set classpath = D: jakarta-tomcatlibservlet.jar ③, double-click startup. bat to start the tomcat server at this time, the screen will appear a dos window, stop does not move, and some running successful tomcat and initialization information, prove that tomcat runs successfully. 4. enter http://localhost:8080/ If you can see the Tomcat Version 3.1 page, it indicates that Tomcat is successfully installed. There are some examples of jsp and servlet, so far the jsp environment has been built. Note: The above DOS window cannot be closed, otherwise the tomcat server will stop the service (JSP file runs slowly for the first time) ⑤. The first JSP example named test for this program. jsp: enter it in the browser under the d: jakarta-tomcatwebappsexamples Directory http://localhost:8080/ Examples/test. jsp <% String Str = "Hello JSP! "; Out. print (" Hello JSP! "); %> <% = Str %> now, the Jsp environment has been set up. Three, install Php4.0 ①, extract the php-4.0.0-Win32 to D: php4, copy the php4isapi. dll and php4ts. dll in its directory to D: winntsystem32. ②, Go to Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Internet service manager, right-click the default Web site, select "ISAPI filter", and click "add... ": Filter name: php executable file: d: winntsystem32php4isapi. dll click "OK" to add the PHP4 filter to IIS. Then open the "main directory" property page and select "configuration (R )... "Then, the" application configuration "dialog box is displayed. Then, select" Add ". in the" add/edit application extension ing "dialog box, enter" D "in the" executable file: php4php.exe % s ", fill in" extension ":". php ", note that the above" % s "is required, otherwise PHP4 will not work properly. (You can add php4 and php3 again as needed.) so far, the php environment has been well matched. Next is mysql 4, install mysql to run the mysql-3.23.36-win, directly installed on the C disk on the line. Copy the my-example file in the directory to drive C and change it to my. 2, next directly install the DBTools-Manager-1.0.8, you can connect to the mysql database, and can manage, create tables and so on. 5. install gyxml to decompress gyxml to d: gyxml and modify catalina in the gyxmlin directory. bat file, modify the JAVA_HOME and CATALINA_HOME system variables to: SET CATALINA_HOME = D: GYXml SET JAVA_HOME = d: jdk1.2.2 start the server: For Windows: Enter c at the DOS prompt: in the gyxmlin Directory, run catalina start. the stop command is catalina stop. The system will start. the default listening port is 80. after the system starts, you can access it using IE: http://localhost/ * ***/Index. xml 6: Install Java API for XML Parsing 1.0.1, and enable Java to support the installation of mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre5.tar in XML 7 environment, that is, the driver connecting Jsp to mysql. Finally, add set path = d: jdk1.2.2; % path % in c: AUTOEXEC. bat -------------------------------------------------------- some of the above software is downloaded on my homepage: API for XML Parsing 1.0.1.exe original author: cccflash

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