Install HQ CRP in Windows 2003 server 64bit

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First you need to install PostgreSQL 9.1, as follows:


There are two places to watch for installation, one is to choose C (You know), and the other is to pay attention to all the permissions that Postgres users give to the directory where PostgreSQL is installed.

Then use the Psql tool to create the database HQ

Download Hyperic HQ Chinese version


After unlocking, follow the below: The content that needs to be entered, bold display, except carriage return.


Ignore references to missing Tools.jar

Unable to locate Tools.jar. Expected to find it in C:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\1\lib\tools.jar

Buildfile:c:\src\hyperic-hq-installer-x86-64-win-\hyperic-hq-installer-\installer\bin\. \data\setup.xml

Loading taskdefs ...

Taskdefs Loaded

Initializing Hyperic HQ installation ...

Choose which software to install:

1:hyperic HQ Server

2:hyperic HQ Agent

You may enter multiple choices, separated by commas.


HQ Server installation path [default ' C:\Program Files ']:


What port should the HQ server's web-based GUI listen on for HTTP communication?

[Default ' 7080 ']:

What port should the HQ server's web-based GUI listen on for secure HTTPS communication? [Default ' 7443 ']:




Would do I use your own Java KeyStore? [Default ' 2 ']:

Enter the base URL for the HQ server ' s web-based GUI [default '']:

Enter the fully qualified domain name of the SMTP server that HQ would use to send email messages [default ' '] :

Enter the email address that HQ would use as the sender for email messages [default ' [email protected] ':

Enter the Vpostgres DB hostname [default ' localhost ']:

Enter the vpostgres DB port [default ' 5432 ']:

Enter the vpostgres DB name [default ' HQ ']:

Override the JDBC connection URL for the PostgreSQL database [default JDBC:POSTGRESQL://LOCALHOST:5432/HQ? Protocolversion=2 ']:

Enter the username to use to connect to the database:postgres

Enter the password-to-connect to the database.:





Would do I use a auto generated encryption key to encrypt the database password? [Default ' 1 ']:

What should the username is for the initial admin user? [Default ' Hqadmin ']:

What should the password is for the initial admin user?:


What should the email address is for the initial admin user? [Default ' [email protected] ':

HQ Agent installation path [default ' C:\HQ ']:

Loading Install configuration ...

Install configuration loaded.

Preparing to install ...

Validating Agent Install configuration ...

Validating Server Install configuration ...

Checking Server WebApp Port ...

Checking Server Secure WebApp Port ...

Checking Database Permissions ...

Verifying Admin User Properties

Validating Server DB configuration ...

Installing the agent ...

Looking for previous installation

Unpacking C:\src\hyperic-hq-installer-x86-64-win-\hyperic-hq-installer-\ to:c:\hq/agent- ...

Setting permissions on c:\hq/agent- ...

Setting permissions on C:\hq/agent- ...

Setting permissions on Agent binaries ...

Fixing line endings on text files ...


Installation Complete:

Agent successfully installed TO:C:\HQ


You can now start your HQ agent by running the This command:

C:\hq/agent- start

Installing the server ...

Unpacking Server TO:C:\HQ ...

Creating Server configuration files ...

Using "small" installing profile ...

Copying binaries and libraries to server installation ...

Copying Server configuration file ...

Copying Server db-upgrade files ...

Copying Server libs ...

Setting Up Server database ...

Loading taskdefs ...

Taskdefs Loaded

Loading taskdefs ...

Taskdefs Loaded

Loading taskdefs ...

Taskdefs Loaded

Installing the server JRE ...

Unpacking JRE X86_64-win-1.7_51.exe to:c:\hq/server- ...

Setting permissions on c:\hq/server- ...

Setting permissions on server binaries ...

Fixing line endings on text files ...


Installation Complete:

Server successfully installed to:c:\hq/server-


You should now install the HQ server as a Windows Service using this command:

C:\hq\server-\bin\hq-server.bat Install

You can then use the Service control Manager (Control panel->services) to

Start the HQ server. Note that the first time of the HQ server starts up it may

Take the several minutes to initialize. Subsequent startups'll be much faster.

Once the HQ server reports that it had successfully started, you can log in to your HQ server at:


To change your password, log in to the HQ server, click the "Administration" link, choose "List Users" and then click on the "Hqadmin" user.

Setup completed.

A copy of the output shown above have been saved to:


Deleting Temporary JRE


c:\src\hyperic-hq-installer-x86-64-win-\hyperic-hq-installer->CD \HQ

c:\hq>CD server-


The volume in drive C is not labeled.

The serial number of the volume is 4cfc-32f8

Directory of C:\hq\server-

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR>.

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR>.

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> Bin

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> conf

2014-08-15 13:48 17,987 COPYING.txt

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> Data

2014-08-15 13:47 <DIR> Hq-engine

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> JRE

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> Lib

2014-08-15 13:48 744,766 LICENSE.txt

2014-08-15 13:47 <DIR> Logs

2014-07-29 18:20 3,092 README.txt

2014-08-15 13:48 <DIR> Wrapper

3 Files 765,845 bytes

10 Directories 37,099,819,008 bytes available

c:\hq\server->CD Bin

c:\hq\server-\bin>hq-server.bat Status

Usage:hq-server.bat {Start:stop:restart:install:query:remove}

Please press any key to continue ...

C:\hq\server-\bin>hq-server.bat Start

Wrapper | The Hyperic HQ Server service is not installed-the specified services are not installed.


Please press any key to continue ...

c:\hq\server-\bin>Hq-server.bat Install

Wrapper | Hyperic HQ Server Service installed.

C:\hq\server-\bin>hq-server.bat Start

Wrapper | Starting the Hyperic HQ Server service ...

Wrapper | Hyperic HQ Server started.

C:\hq\server-\bin>CD. \.. \agent-\bin

c:\hq\agent-\bin>Hq-agent.bat Install

Wrapper | Hyperic HQ Agent Service installed.

C:\hq\agent-\bin>hq-agent.bat Start

Wrapper | Starting the Hyperic HQ Agent service ...

Wrapper | Hyperic HQ Agent started.

[Running Agent Setup]

What's the HQ server IP address:localhost

Should Agent communications to HQ always be secure [Default=yes]:

What is the HQ server SSL port [default=7443]:

-Testing Secure connection ... Success

What is your HQ login [default=hqadmin]:

What is your HQ password:

What IP should HQ use to contact the agent [default=]:

What port should HQ use to contact the agent [default=2144]:

-Received Temporary auth token from agent

-Registering Agent with HQ

The server to Agent communication channel was using a self-signed certificate and could not being verified

Is you sure want to continue connecting? [Default=no]: Yes

-HQ gave us the following agent token


-Informing agent of new HQ server


-Successfully setup Agent


Open Browser, Access http://localhost:7080/

Install HQ CRP in Windows 2003 server 64bit

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