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It's basically a combination of pycharm and Ipython notebook, Ipython notebook not only because it's easy to debug code and show, for example, it's very inconvenient to have to load the SC every time you use the Spark, But with Ipython notebook just load once, the back does not need to load. Install and start IPython notebook IPython notebook shortcuts about Jupyter not installed successfully (try to install the third link in the reference) reference

1. Install and start Ipython notebook

I had a lot of success before, but I didn't succeed again. Today I saw a post, two commands succeeded, two commands:

1 2 sudo apt-get install ipython-notebook # installation command. Step in place Ipython notebook--Pylab inline--IP # Start command. Load the time to bring the Pylab library (the Pyplot module is provided by Matplotlib, and Matlab similar to the drawing API, user-friendly quick draw two-dimensional chart)

Alternatively, it can be installed through the PIP command:

1 Pip Install Jupyter

Now notebook from Python independent, not only support Ipython also support R, MATLAB, now renamed Jupyter, to pip install Jupyter, and then run Jupyter notebook.

Of course, other related components can also be installed when the Ipython is installed:

1 Pip install "Ipython[all]"

In fact, personally feel that Ipython notebook is a basic function of the interior of the IDE, many functions, such as Code Completion (tab), display line number (in edit mode, ESC key to press the keyboard L key to open the current unit cells number) and so on, but are in the form of shortcut keys. 2. IPython Notebook shortcut keys

IPython Notebook has two different keyboard input modes (edit mode and command mode). Edit mode: Allows you to enter code or text into a cell (cell here I translated), and the element has a gray check box (note: Jupyter is green). Command mode: An instruction that binds the keyboard to perform the Notebook action level (for example, to run code within the current cell), and the cell has no check box on the extra side.

Below is Jupyter (IPython notebook upgrade) shortcut key screenshot, reference. 3. About Jupyter not installed successfully

Jupyter is a relatively powerful project, many languages (such as Scala,java or even C + +, etc.) can be run in the browser, debugging what is very convenient, in fact, with interactive functions, but on the basis of a lot of reinforcement. In addition, you can save the written code note into a Pdf,html,latex or a script for your own language, and so on.

I also wonder ==| | |, look on the Internet many installation tutorials say to have a lot of dependencies, what tornado,pzmq what, I was installed before, so can directly installed on = =. Phuket In addition, I would like to say that Jupyter,jupyter did not install the success, accurate should be first installed Ipython, after finishing the Jupyterhub, according to the official GitHub on the course installed, which has several steps failed many times (download timeout), This afternoon again in the laboratory of the successfully, each step is a, but in the end is not start up.  4. Reference -- installation using Jupyter (original notebook) for Ipython notebook installation issues I think, therefore I am in-blog channel – Jupyter project-- /IPython 4.0 Release: First version of Jupyter and IPython after separation – Geek headline –

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